Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trying to get the kids to eat healthy....


My goal this week is to really focus on getting the kids to eat a variety of healthy food and smile while doing it!  Our family has definitely fallen into a rut.  The kids eat the same old foods all the time, again and again.  A lot of the time its because its easy for me. We focus too much on dessert, eating our lunch/dinner to get a dessert.  We need help!

So this is my plan to shake things up around here:

  •  I surfed the net last night looking for healthy kid friendly recipes and pinned them onto their own board on Pinterest. 
  • One problem we have in this house is snacking....when the kids are hungry they eat the same snacks again and yogurts, string cheese, cow cheese...why because its easy and they can get it themselves.  YEP LAZY MOM SYNDROME.  So my goal is to each day after school prepare a fun snack with the will be a fun thing we can do together, it will help them learn to eat different things, they already love helping me bake so they will get a kick out of this, and we will talk about the different foods and why they are good for us.  We will get some veggies and fruit in the mix with cool dips etc... 
  • I am going to get the kids to help with making dinner as much as I can...I have found in the past that when they are involved they are more likely to eat it.  
  • A few nights a week I will designate it kids choice night and will give them 3 options and they get to choose what we have for dinner. (all though I can see them not picking the same thing so maybe it will have to be Kayleigh night and then Kasey night)
  • PASTA!! we rarely eat pasta in this house...unless its KD for the kids.  I don't make it because its carb heavy and because of that I have kids that don't "know/like" things like spagetti, lasagna, and other pastas.  Pasta is the best food to HIDE VEGGIES into the sauce!  So we are going to start eating pasta.  The 'carb' conscious parents can have small portions with protein on the side and a big salad.  (lets be honest...Daddy is going to love having pasta back on the menu LOL) 
  • DESSERT....I want to have fun with dessert.  I want my kids to see that dessert can be something other than a 'big black cookie (aka OREO lol).  So I want to make with the kids things like fruit pizza, fondue's, trifles with fruit and pudding, cream cheese dips with fruit..etc.  I know we can't do this every night, but a few nights a week would be do able. 
  • MY BEST IDEA!!!!  We are list people in this house.  The kids have lists and charts.  We make lists of fun things to do.  We love lists!  So if the kids eat a meal that they like, they get to put in on the SPECIAL KID FOOD LIST!  and then when its there night to choose dinner they can pick from the list!  I know it sounds lame, but I think this idea is really going to help the kids get excited about food. 
I know realistically we aren't going to be able to do all of these things 100% of the time.  But we can start to make some changes, and a real effort in this department.  I want to feel good about what my kids are eating, instead of guilty. I want them to learn to love a variety of food.  Most of all I want dinner time to be fun and relaxing, a time for us to share as a family.  I am so tired of the drama, and the fights over eating dinner.  Tonight Kasey worked herself up into such a fuss about dinner that she actually puked!  We can do better. I know we can.  As much as I can blame our dinner stresses on 3 year old behaviour, I know we can do more to help them.  I think I need a separate post just on the 3 year old behaviour!  So wish me luck and I will keep you posted with what works and what doesn't.  


Laura said...

I know where you're coming from. I was thinking the same thing following our trip. I think the idea of easy snacks is good, just need a slight change. Find a yogurt that is low in sugar (we use activia), rather than the tubes. Use real cheese slices rather than string cheese. Prep bags (or containers) of portioned out fruits and veg that the kids like - Cate loves grapes, baby carrots and cucmbers. That way they can go in and grab it themselves when they're hungry.

Also, the newest hit snack in our house is sliced apple with a tiny bit of cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it. I keep a spice jar already mixed for easy prep. Cate thinks it's dessert and calls it her candy apple ;)

Keep up the good work - your kids are lucky to have you!

Kataroo said...

I love those ideas Laura...a bag of veggies that they can grab...I think they like the independence too and I must try this apple with cinnamon and sugar!

Maranda said...

Those are some great ideas. Having lists to refer to takes a lot of the stress away IMO. I have meal lists and it helps make meal planning a snap.

I looked at your Pinterest board and I think I'll be bookmarking more than a few of those! BTW I saw taco bowls on there and my kids LOVE them. I make them with whole grain tortillas, ground turkey and finely minced veggies. They freeze pretty well too, although a bit of a PITA to wrap.

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