Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pictures to treasure

This past weekend we had our family Christas Pictures taken with Paola Mateus, of Paola Mateus Photography.  Paola is super sweet, and having 3 kids of her own (2 are twin girls) she knows how to wrangle the kids! I am so happy with how these pictures turned out.  No not just happy...down right giddy!  I can't wait to add them to our photo displays on the wall, and too of course SCRAPBOOK THEM! I just happen to have the perfect patterned paper for these :)  Pictures make me very happy, little treasures capturing 'us' at this point in time.  Why the kids look almost angelic don't they? LOL 


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HeatherFeather said...

Katie! I love this pics! they really show all your personalities! I love the girls dresses, almost made me wish for a girl to dress up....almost!!! lol

I love the one of you in particular lying down with your hand on your look very naturally beautiful in this one!

makes me think I should get organized at get ours done too! it's been 4yrs since we had portraits done!

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