Monday, September 19, 2011

Purple Scrappy Weekend

This Saturday we actually stayed in instead of heading to the gym.  I lazed about in my pj's and drank coffee and scrapped.  IT WAS BLISSFUL!  It would seem that I was also in a purple mood :) LOL

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apple Picking

We have been working on a new reward system at home to help with the kids being good (listening, not throwing fits, and for the love of God not whining!).  So the deal is we pick a reward and they each have to earn 10 stickers to get it.  They also have to keep those stickers, and some how the threat of loosing a sticker seems to hold even more power than earning one.  We try to pick rewards that involve us doing something together rather than a material prize (but sometimes they get those too).  This weeks reward was apple picking.
So we spent the afternoon apple picking at Dagenais Farm.  It was the last day of their apple picking season and the apples were pretty picked over, but we managed to find some nice crisp ones to take home.  Lets be honest, for us its more the experience of going and seeing where the apples really come from (yep they don't magically appear in the grocery store) and spending a beautiful fall afternoon outside.  The farm wasn't fancy, there weren't any 'attractions', but there certainly was plenty to see.  They had free range chickens, and turkeys, a Hen House for laying eggs, a few pigs, and even a donkey.  They also had bees and we got to sample the honey they make on site.  There was a little organic store and I picked up a big bottle of coveted AGAVE NECTER, and some fresh bread (oh and maybe some organic chocalate because organic makes it less of guilty pleasure right?)  We ended the afternoon, with some homemade organic ice cream, which was heavenly.  Kasey being weird didn't like hers so Ryan took one for the team and double fisted it.  LOL.  I think Kasey's favorite part was the sweet little kitty that followed her around.  After our very 'granola' like afternoon we headed back into the city and to COSTCO!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long Weekend Scrappies

A totally cheapie post with just some pics of pages :)  Hey its the long weekend :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wedding Mini

I finally finished up the wedding mini album I was working on.  I seem to have turned into a slow scrapper, projects sit on my desk for weeks.  I blame it on my heat gun blowing, and having to wait for things to dry.  I whimped out on this post and made a collage of all the pages, I was to lazy to post them one by one...its so slow.   I used a 7 gypsies kraft album, the kraft cover and doily match the kraft paper covered books in the wedding decorations.  I used lots of a pale pink in paint, distress stains, distress inks,  glimmer glam, glimmer mists, mister misters.  There are a lot of mediums in the album which is why it was so fun to make.  The album, is full of my favorite memories and meanings from the day.  I hope to get copies of the professional pics from my sister to do an album for her (hint hint).