Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ultimate crafty wedding

I thought it would be fun to share pictures of some of the details from my sister's wedding.  I wish I had better pictures, but they were snapped in such a hurry, while we were bustling to get ready.  I have missed so many of the little touches that made it such a special day, but did manage to get these.  Hope you enjoy :)  

The wedding and reception took place at the groom's parents house.  They have a huge beautiful property with a renovated old school house.  Their home and property is simply inspiring.  The theme of the wedding played on the school house theme and also the Bride's favorite color pink.  The wedding was full of homemade crafty and vintage touches. 
Hydrangeas from my mom's garden :)  Oh they smelled so sweet.  

The Groom's dad built the 'gazebo' for the wedding ceremony to take place under, the seating is made up of   bales of hay, with fabric over top. 
A dessert tent being set up
The school house theme in chalk board, apples and globe. 
Love the little bundles of pencils wrapped in ribbon
Old books wrapped in kraft paper, doilies and twine
The tables, two long rows, family style...loved that 
Library catalogue cards for name plates, fresh flowers in mason jars and vintage vases, kraft paper down the center
More books wrapped in kraft paper, one of my favorite touches
The orange card is an old report card with the menu written out on it
old glass vases 
The pictures are so dark, but the ceiling is filled with coffee filter flowers dyed pink, and pink tissue flower poufs. 
Bath tub was later filled with ice and beer
Lollies for the flower girls to hold 
Handmade necklaces and earrings for the flower girls made by the bride.
Spiked pink lemonade....oh this was so good!
Pink lemonade for the kids and pregnant woman LOL
One of my favorite things, a sweet table filled with family favorites, lovingly made by the family, displayed on a vintage sewing table. 
These were handmade by someone as well, to display the desserts on.  

The dessert table before the desserts are out
I wish I had a picture of this later in the night...brown paper bag tea lights making a path to the bathrooms.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Scrappies

After a bit of hiatus, I finally got a bit of my scrap groove back and finished a mini album that's been sitting on my desk for weeks and a few LO's to boot too :)  Now I just need to tackle the bomb that went off in the basement while the kids played and I scrapbooked....sigh.