Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Shower Crafties

We celebrated my sister Jamie's Wedding shower this weekend at my Mom's house in Norland.  I drove down Friday night and spent the night whipping up some crafty stuff for the shower with my mom and my sisters.  It was a cozy evening of girl time and crafts, two of my very favorite things.  My sister's wedding has an old school house theme with lots of pink, so there is a vintage feel to it, lots of chalk board and pink accents.  So I made these 3 little art canvases as gifts to give away at the shower.
My Mom made the cake (it had pink raspberry and yellow lemon layers in it....mmmm), and I made the little bunting banner.  
My mom and I also made these tissue paper flowers, they were harder than usual as I picked up a really thin tissue, but we made it work.  Aren't you proud of me for hanging those without stitches this time around? LOL
I also whipped up a real quick garland out of punched out pink patterned paper, book text and doilies   
I wish I had gotten pictures of the table all laid out with the food, we did a great job of plating everything on my Grandma's china.  It was so very shabby chic :)  Many of the menu items came straight from my Pinterest boards too, which made planning a menu really easy.  It was a great day.  I keep smiling thinking about it.   Thank-you Marmie, for letting us stick pin holes in your ceiling, and letting us make a mess of your house, and for all the hard work you put into a very special day.  YOUR THE BEST MOM!!!


Rachel said...

You are crazy inspiring girl! LOVE IT! Your sister must of been pleased! :)

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akro bins said...

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