Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday

Kayleigh turned 5, last Saturday and we started the day with our SQUIRES BIRTHDAY TRADITION of Daddy singing Happy Birthday on the Guitar when they wake up. Even if its 6AM and Daddy was up late at the blues fest the night before.
Then we opened some birthday presents with Kasey's help.  Kasey even got a special little present of her own (which OOPS Kay opened and liked and then we had to tell her it was her sisters).

Kayleigh got a very special present from her FAIRY GODMOTHER....a rainbow tutu, full of layers and butterflies and flowers.  A friend from high school, a very talented children's book illustrator and artist has an ETSY store where she sells the most magical TUTUS!  I'm not sure which was more awesome the tutu or the card she sent with one of her illustrations on it and a magical story of the tutu!  I loved reading the little story out to Kayleigh and I have a feeling this tutu will get lots of use twirling about.  
Kay in her birthday finery singing to her Fancy Nancy doll
Birthday Girls reasy to get our party on 
Mommy and her big girl
This used to be my baby!
To celebrate the day we had a little Rainbow Party at Starr Gymnastics with 10 of her little friends.  They jumped, swung, bounced, balanced, and played their little hearts out.  Then we packed into a party room for an hour of sugar induced mayhem!  Luckily when it was all over we left the mess behind!
Ready to Jump and play at Starr Gymnastics 
A perfect day, ending with a drive to Grandma and Grandpa's where my mom tried to feed her birthday cake at 9:30 at night :) wink LOL

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Rachel said...

What a burst of beautiful bright colour .. and a great way to celebrate a 5th birthday!