Monday, July 25, 2011

Fairy Tea Party at the Children's Garden

Yesterday the girls joined their little BFF Cate for a Fairy Princess Tea Party at the Children's Garden, located at Robert F. Legget Park.  The garden itself is really cute, full of little corners and magical like areas for imaginative play.  It would make a great place to meet little friends for a picnic.  The girls started the party off by fishing for a magic star.

They then used the star in a craft, making wands.  My girls love doing crafts so this was a hit for sure. 
They also had a cute little bubble station set up. 
I loved this area of the park where the kids could jump from bench to bench, and later in the day they all sat here to listen to stories and sing songs. 
Kayleigh's magical birthday TUTU in action. 
The highlight of the Tea Party was of course the SNACKS!  Everyone brought something to share and there were plenty of yummy homemade muffins, cookies, and cupcakes.  I was one of the few that brought the store bought 'plastic container' of goodies LOL.   (no that's not mine?)  

The girls even tried some 'real' sunshine tea.  It wasn't a huge hit but I sure did like it.  A great little Sunday morning outing, that was very frugal only a small donation required.  Next on the Fairy Circuit...the Lantern Festival in August.  


Laura said...

Cate had a great time - thanks for suggesting it! I am just about to write my blog post about the same thing ;) (That is if I can get 10 mins without someone whining to let me do it...)

Stay Funny said...

it looks like allot of fun!!!!