Thursday, June 9, 2011

Magic of ACTIONS

I don't have a fancy camera, and I truthfully I am not very good with a camera. But as a scrapbooker I want 'pretty' pictures to scrapbook and I can't rely on my sweet friends all the time for taking pictures. So photo ACTIONS to the rescue! All you do is 'press a button' and the ACTION takes you through a number of fancy editing steps automatically. Best part, many are free! I love THE COFFEE SHOP BLOG, it has many fantastic free actions and tutorials on how to use them.

These photos have been edited with actions from the coffeeshop blog, mainly ICEPOP, COLOR POP and MOODY POP,


Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this girl .... what a difference a program can make on a pic ... and I love taht you can use an action to match any selection of PP you want! LOL


Stay Funny said...

Love the ones of Kasey especially! So so sweet! Water park ones are really fun too
Thanks for reminding me of what is available... need to try it once, never did before :(