Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bubbles and Pearls

  Her hair is a constant halo of blond crazy curls, that she twirls in her fingers.  She has taken to wearing pearls and pretty dresses most days.  Today when she got dressed she proudly asked Daddy, "How I look?"  She speaks in the cutest little voice, and stammers over her words sometimes.  When her big sister is at school, she can be found playing quietly all on her own, talking to herself and her dolls.  She looks like this little tiny angel and then she doesn't get her way, and she balls up her fists and shakes them, and the crying and yelling begins.  Oh boy do you have a tempter right now! You are a terrible eater at dinner time and getting you to eat anything but wiener wraps is an exercise in frustration.  You still love to watch Dora, and you can play computer games all on your own now.  You navigate your way around Nick Jr/PBS Kids site all on your own figuring out how to play new games.  Your love to dance, even though your a clutz,  and can be heard saying "check this out!" Your so easy to put to bed at night, and I love it when I tuck you in and you say "I love you Mom".

Kasey at 3.


Louise Dubord said...

She is simply ADORABLE! She stole my heart on Friday! Maybe it was the twin curls, her pixieness... She looks like a doll or a tiny angel. Loulou loves Kasey! XXX

Stay Funny said...

Ah sweet little one! She is the most little adorable girl! Big hugs! She looks so vintage in her looks and Kayleigh is more in the 70's with all her bright colors! 2 different styles for sure!