Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Week in the Life: Wednesday

Today was a very very good day, one filled with fun! So much so that the girls crashed hard tonight :) I love days like's a peak into our Wednesday.

I snapped this pic when I went in to wake Kasey up, she would have kept on sleeping if she had her way. 
Kayleigh had a Teddy Bear Picnic at the gym today, here the girls are dressing their Teddy Bears up
Kayleigh did her own hair today, actually suits the gym...a la Jane Fonda no?
Posing with her bear
Cutie Pies
Heading to the gym to run hills on the treadmill, can't you see I am excited :) LOL
Kasey super excited to be at her 'GOOLS' to see the fire truck
Seriously can not get enough of this kid!
Kasey was scared of the firetruck and spent the whole time in the field playing with dandelions, oh well made for some great pictures
Kasey and I went to the chip truck to meet a friend of hers after the chip truck only we messed up the time and missed them, oh well we still got to eat chips :)
After picking Kay up from school we met Heather and crew at the park for a good sun and sand visit
Getting the sand out before bed!  The bath water was brown LOL!

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Stay Funny said...

loving this so much!
it shows how your life is super busy and filled with cool activities with the girls!