Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Week in the Life: Tuesday

I thought it would be fun to try and capture a week in the life with the girls by carrying around my camera and getting shots of what our days look like.  The girls are at a great age right now, were they are best friends, bitter enemies, full of imagination, and generally pretty cool kids to be around.  I want to make sure I capture these moments, plus it makes great material to scrapbook.  So day one being a holiday week was Tuesday, and I did ok with remembering the camera.  Today I vow to do better!

Here's what Tuesday looked like :)
Morning cuddles, her very favorite

Beau doesn't like camera flash and is trying to jump up 
Kasey finally awake, and coming down stairs with an arm load of very important stuff
Kasey over hears Kayleigh say she is going to go upstairs and take something of Kasey's
Kayleigh making the mad dash up stairs to take her sister's doll, and Kasey yelling NOOOO
Daily craft more trouble because the puppy tries to eat everything
Lunch before dashing off to school, left over pizza, some turkey and strawberries.
My favorite snacks right now almonds, and strawberries
Kasey playing on the computer while Kay is in school.  Kasey learned how to use the mouse and can navigate her way through all the games on her own now!  No more fake keyboard for her LOL. 
Serious game player. 
Iced coffee, with non fat milk, and sugar free vanilla guilty pleasure :)
Crazy dog, did 100 tail chasing laps while growling. 

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Karen said...

I love the pics of your kiddies Katie and your house looks so cool to be in :) Keep it up :)