Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Week in the Life: Thursday

Another day in the life to share with you. Today's highlight was definitely going to see Laurie and baby Hunter. It felt so good to see her, its hard to imagine that 5 weeks ago Hunter was born! The rest of the day was very low key and that was A OK with me, I felt a bit tired today. So tired that I didn't even go to the gym, instead I worked on my cuddles and snuggles.

My cutie hubby eating some cereal before heading to work 
Kay eating her first of many tube yogurts for the day, doesn't she look OLD here!
Here we are with Baby Hunter, oh my goodness it felt good to hold him!
Kay really wanted me to  take this pic of her :) Yeah its cool. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this :)  
Before bed the girls and I played hair on my bed, Kay did this hair do...she calls it a UNICORN PONY TAIL 
Kasey showing me my hair do 

Kay asleep on my bed...she falls asleep each night on my bed and then I move her to her room when I go to sleep...don't ask LOL 

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Diva Loca said...

ohhhhh what a great day. i'm suffering withdrawl today and seeing the pics of your girls makes me want to snuggle them again. THANK YOU for the amazing visit and friendship - you are the best!