Sunday, May 8, 2011

National Scrapbook Day

I had the most wonderful weekend celebrating my much loved hobby scrapbooking, for National Scrapbook Day, this weekend.  We also raised money for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, helping to raise money for a fellow scrapper that is walking in the big walk...60KM!  How amazing is that, way to go Adrian!  It started with a crop Friday night with all my favorite scrappy friends (Natasha, Lori, Linda, Jan, Rachel, Heather, LouLou, Luce, Stechie, Mell, Karen C, Karen M, Marlene, Sandy, and Tracy...aren’t I a lucky girl!).  Then later that night I enjoyed a sleep over and some special time with Mell and Stechie, talk about an awesome way to cap of the evening. (loved the chicken robot star wars!).  Saturday morning Mell and I didn’t drag our butts to the gym, we willing got them there and enjoyed a great workout before the Saturday all day crop.  Yes that’s right a whole evening, night, and day doing what I love best scrapping, laughing and hanging with friends (no kids whining!).  The day started off great but took a little turn for bummer ville when someone from another table complained about how loud we were (and I think maybe me in particular? really me loud?).  I know I give off a I don’t care attitude, that I act like something like that would roll of my back, but it didn’t.  It really bugged me.  Bugged me in that make me crawl inside myself, and want to cry way.  I think I was feeling a little emotional that day.  I felt happy to be surrounded by friends, at one point I even spontaneously yelled out (oh oh I yelled!) WHO’s HAVING FUN?  I AM!!  Our table burst out into laughter and giggles.  But I did get a nasty look from the grump table behind us.  So to go from that high, happy, and blessed place to sad was not fun.  At first I felt hurt and sad, and then I felt angry.  I wanted to go ‘complain’ about the grouchy no fun crowd.  Why come out to crop if you want a quiet environment?  I wanted to call them a bunch of grouchy old ladies but they weren’t old and to be honest we have a bunch of retired women at our fun table that are a RIOT!! I eventually shook it off, honestly tried my best to tone it down, and had a HELL of A LOT of FUN!  I even met a really cool girl who is running a marathon in May and she had lots of great advice for me and stories on running.  I can’t wait to get to know her better.  Thanks for listening to my weekend rant, I think the noise patrol was still bugging me a bit, and like all things BLOG IT and it feels better!

Here’s a  mini I made :)


Natasha said...

Love the mini Katie. You are amazingly creative.

Just so you know we all love you for you, whether you are having a concentrated quiet day or one of those days where you have all of us in stitches and looking for the depends.

As for the ``too loud` comment, I mean really this person is so concerned about their need for quiet, maybe it wasn`t the best decision for them to join 53 other beautiful creative people who wanted to crop together, celebrate NSD, support a fellow scrapper and woman, and in general have a good time.

I feel sad that you were hurt by the comment, and had I known I would have done some serious yelling.

HeatherFeather said...

Well, now i am steamed!!!! I wondered what was going on with you once or twice but to hear that they made you upset makes me crazy "momma bear" mad!!! I too was annoyed at the time....really, what did you think you were going to hear at a crop full of 54 happy scrappy ladies celebrating our national holiday *wink* and trying to raise money for cancer research??? Silence?? yeah, whatever!!!

Pretty selfish behavior if you ask me....well, they won't be back and if they are....get ready, cause we are taking it up a notch!!! :)

Joanne C said...

I, for one, thought I was missing something good because I was in the quieter room. :) I did have fun in the Rose Room though.

Kataroo said...

ahh thank-you girls :) :) It was really bugging me still today...making me doubt myself and I hate that feeling....but with friends like you guys, I don't have to doubt myself :) Thank-you!

Laura said...

I hate it when things like that happen and really burst your happiness bubble. I'm similar and take things more personally than I let show.

Hope you're over it now that you've let it out :)

Happy Mama's Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Katie. You are one of the most beautiful people I know and people just need something to complain about. I tend to be more quiet and reserved and I got Mistaken for being angry about something...go can't win!
Don't ever let anyone change your behaviour because you don't deserve that judgement and if I knew that was bothering you I would not have been so quiet and reserved and made a bit of a stink ...cuz as you know...I dint give a damn what people think!
I love you and I hope your mothers day made up for those ding dongs at the crop.
Karen C.

Lucylou said...

We love you the way you are Katie.
Don't change, you are unique and thats what is the most important!
Love you girly!

Louise Dubord said...

Katie I LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE! TRULY!OK, is that loud enough? I entirely agree with all the comments and I am very very upset to hear that these people made you sad. Had I known, I would have started being very loud and would have probably started a conga line all around the rooms to annoy the party poopers! I thought it was a party not a church.
Don't ever stop being yourself, please!You are too beautiful inside and out.
A word to the party poopers : stay home or go to the 'Box, I hear it was quiet....