Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fairy Houses

We spent an amazing beautiful day outdoors yesterday, here in Norland. The girls and I had a fairy adventure. I have always loved the forrest and gathering and playing in it. I think its because I spent much of my childhood playing at my grandparents home out on the lake admist the forrest. So yesterday we went on a small walk to gather some housing supplies (I say small walk because Kasey had to stop and clear her shoe of some sort of debris every 10 sec's LOL). We gathered empty milk pods, the silk from the milk pods, dried grass, twigs, bark from the ground, rocks, and acorns. Then went to work constructing our fairy house. I told the girls that in the night the fairies would come and have a party in it. So we made sure to set a table with little acorn top bowls :) It was so much fun playing outside in the warm sun, using our imagination to create something.

Gathering acorns for the table setting
We made the walls of the house out of log bark from the woodpile.
Adding silk from the milk pods for pillows

See the green moss, that's the rug :)
Happy little builder :)
Just some cuteness from the back 

EDIT:  My mom gave me some glitter this morning and we sprinkled it on the house and then called the kids over..they were flipping out that the fairies had come and had a glitter party in their house :)  So cute!

Going with the Fairy theme, I must share this link with you. Last week when I was picking Kayleigh up from school I met one of her friends mom's and admired the jewelry she had on. It turns out that she is the artist! She even invited us to her home and we had a quick peak at the work behind all her beautiful creations. I LOVE HER WORK! They make beautiful fairy jewelry out of items from nature and industrial findings. Think acorns and nuts and bolts. She also does very elaborate leather work. They had a show this weekend in TO and you can see how they dress up for the show on her website :) HOW FUN!

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Stay Funny said...

Loving this so much, reminds me of the Fairy letter you gave me. Came across it recently and it's my pile to scrap. Hugs and have a beautiful week!