Friday, May 6, 2011

Collection Fair

Kayleigh is having a collection fair at school today.  She has been working on her 'collection' gathering the items, and working on a way to display and sort the collection at the fair.  She  picked ribbons for her collection (very handy pick with a scrappy mom).  We made a book for her to display her ribbons in.  I cut up a cereal box and she coated it in gesso and painted it.  We played around with some art techniques, did a ric rac mask with glimmer mist, and even a alcohol and water color resist.   I punched holes down the side of each page and she picked and TIED the ribbon herself :)
For fun we added a bunch of ribbons to her hair today and made a ribbon bracelet too :)
I have to admit when I saw her 'manning' her table at the fair I teared up, she's so grown up!
The bracelet she made
When she's nervous she chews her nails
Look how RED her cheeks got!  
3 friends :) I love that Kay's friends seem to adore Kasey :)  
The cover she painted it with a blue water color and then added drops of alcohol blending solution for the fun effect
I punched butterflies and she mod podged them on to this page
This is the ric rac stencil she did with glimmer mist over paint. 


Rachel said...

OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!! Katie ... you rock as a mama! SERIOUSLY! Will you adopt me?

Kay looks so happy and cute .. I wanna eat her up! TOO SWEET!


Anonymous said...

that is the cutest thing ever! I love the missing tooth, she's so freakin' cute!


Laura said...

What a great idea - only you Katie :) This has got to beat any stamp collection out there!

Stay Funny said...

Ahhhh this is so cool! She looks so cut, love her hair... and what a great collection to have!

HeatherFeather said...

That is so awesome!!! What a cool little kid she is!!! Seriously, bet that was the only ribbon collection ever to be seen by the school!!! They are so lucky to have you Katie!!!

Jen B said...

I love this idea. I mean the collection fair (awesome!) and I love the way you did the ribbon book. So great.