Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Great Weekend

Its Sunday evening and a truly excellent weekend has been had. I have just shared the perfect dessert with Kayleigh. I was craving a Dairy Queen blizzard BADLY and I ended up sharing a small with her. It was the perfect amount to satisfy my craving and leave me feeling good as opposed to sick from to much. We spent the morning at a PARTY IN THE PARKING LOT Party after church with our good friends Emma and Fin. The best part of the party was Ryan came!  He skipped the actual church part but at least he came to the party and got to see how COOL the church is :)   Saturday night I got my PARTY on with girlfriends and discovered a love for GLEE KAROKE! (I hate glee so this is quite the surprise LOL). I even got a long run in on Saturday morning which is really good considering all the cupcakes, dessert and pulled pork sandwiches I ate this weekend.  Soon the kids will be in bed and I hope to do YOU GUESSED IT some scrapping :)

Here are a few shares (thanks for looking):

LO inspired by the one below by Glue Stick Girl at 2Peas, I love how she pieced so many PP's together to make the background.  
LO by GLUE STICK GIRL at 2peas
This LO is based on a challenge Heather put out to create a background with out PP using stamps!  I really enjoyed this one :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Week in the Life: Thursday

Another day in the life to share with you. Today's highlight was definitely going to see Laurie and baby Hunter. It felt so good to see her, its hard to imagine that 5 weeks ago Hunter was born! The rest of the day was very low key and that was A OK with me, I felt a bit tired today. So tired that I didn't even go to the gym, instead I worked on my cuddles and snuggles.

My cutie hubby eating some cereal before heading to work 
Kay eating her first of many tube yogurts for the day, doesn't she look OLD here!
Here we are with Baby Hunter, oh my goodness it felt good to hold him!
Kay really wanted me to  take this pic of her :) Yeah its cool. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this :)  
Before bed the girls and I played hair on my bed, Kay did this hair do...she calls it a UNICORN PONY TAIL 
Kasey showing me my hair do 

Kay asleep on my bed...she falls asleep each night on my bed and then I move her to her room when I go to sleep...don't ask LOL 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Week in the Life: Wednesday

Today was a very very good day, one filled with fun! So much so that the girls crashed hard tonight :) I love days like's a peak into our Wednesday.

I snapped this pic when I went in to wake Kasey up, she would have kept on sleeping if she had her way. 
Kayleigh had a Teddy Bear Picnic at the gym today, here the girls are dressing their Teddy Bears up
Kayleigh did her own hair today, actually suits the gym...a la Jane Fonda no?
Posing with her bear
Cutie Pies
Heading to the gym to run hills on the treadmill, can't you see I am excited :) LOL
Kasey super excited to be at her 'GOOLS' to see the fire truck
Seriously can not get enough of this kid!
Kasey was scared of the firetruck and spent the whole time in the field playing with dandelions, oh well made for some great pictures
Kasey and I went to the chip truck to meet a friend of hers after the chip truck only we messed up the time and missed them, oh well we still got to eat chips :)
After picking Kay up from school we met Heather and crew at the park for a good sun and sand visit
Getting the sand out before bed!  The bath water was brown LOL!

A Week in the Life: Tuesday

I thought it would be fun to try and capture a week in the life with the girls by carrying around my camera and getting shots of what our days look like.  The girls are at a great age right now, were they are best friends, bitter enemies, full of imagination, and generally pretty cool kids to be around.  I want to make sure I capture these moments, plus it makes great material to scrapbook.  So day one being a holiday week was Tuesday, and I did ok with remembering the camera.  Today I vow to do better!

Here's what Tuesday looked like :)
Morning cuddles, her very favorite

Beau doesn't like camera flash and is trying to jump up 
Kasey finally awake, and coming down stairs with an arm load of very important stuff
Kasey over hears Kayleigh say she is going to go upstairs and take something of Kasey's
Kayleigh making the mad dash up stairs to take her sister's doll, and Kasey yelling NOOOO
Daily craft more trouble because the puppy tries to eat everything
Lunch before dashing off to school, left over pizza, some turkey and strawberries.
My favorite snacks right now almonds, and strawberries
Kasey playing on the computer while Kay is in school.  Kasey learned how to use the mouse and can navigate her way through all the games on her own now!  No more fake keyboard for her LOL. 
Serious game player. 
Iced coffee, with non fat milk, and sugar free vanilla guilty pleasure :)
Crazy dog, did 100 tail chasing laps while growling. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On a Scrap Roll

After a busy weekend filled with activities and guests I really took advantage of a quiet house yesterday and scrapped to my heart's content.  Kayleigh and Kasey would come and 'help' every once and awhile.  I would let them trim the papers, or have the important job of 'watching' LOL.

Based on Maggie Holmes Tutorial on Making Memories Blog

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scrappy Holiday Monday

I am enjoying some scrappy time this afternoon.  Our family guests have left after a weekend visit, we are down to two kids from four, and the house is relatively quiet.  I should have gone for a run, but instead I ate pie and ice-cream and am scrapbooking :)

A challenge posted to friends based on a sneak peak from Studio Calico