Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missing him so much

The house is quiet, Beau is asleep in his crate (he's such a good boy), Kayleigh is at school, and Kasey is in a Dora trance.  I am watching Frodo's video, and I feel like my throat is being squeezed and my heart hurts.  I MISS HIM SO MUCH.  I can't get over how much.  I feel guilty too.  Frodo and I had a hard year.  He was peeing on the floor so much, stealing food from the kids (snapping it out of their hands) and with the two young kids to care for I would get upset.  He would crawl up in my lap and I would push him to the floor, and tell him to go lay down somewhere else.  I didn't snuggle with him as much as we used to.  I wish I had snuggled him more, and not gotten angry when he peed on the carpet.  I wish he was here.  I love him.
So in the meantime the family and I are crying and talking and remembering and cuddling our new little Beau.


Stay Funny said...

big hugs - the tears of the weekend are flowing again reading your post. Our pets old such a big place in our hearts and when they are no longer with us, it's so not easy to find consolation. Hang in there. Love U xo

Mellisa said...

he knows he is loved. never doubt. they always know. xxx

HeatherFeather said...

ahhh, Katie, don't be so hard on yourself...he knows you all loved him. The guilt is a natural reaction and the tears and heartache are too....he was a lucky little dog to have you all and now you get to share your love with Beau. thinking of you