Monday, April 11, 2011

Kids play

Just had to share a quick funny here with you.  One of the things I love about kids is watching them play make believe, its amazing what their little minds will dream up.  I have noticed over the years that their play is largely based on mimicking their real lives.  A few years ago when we were doing some work around the house, Kayleigh played HOME DEPOT and IKEA a lot.  After a trip to the Dr or Dentist there are usually a few games of that to be had.  After our Disney Cruise the girls were really into dressing up as Princesses and having  GRAND BALLS and calling each other YOUR HIGHNESS.  Their day to day play is usually made up of playing school, or babies.  Well last night they were sitting side by side on the couch with their dolls and it went something like this.

Kayleigh: "ahhh do you miss your Daddy?  do you want me to call him?

Kasey:  yeahhhhh

Kayleigh:  (picks up play phone) (pause)  oh no one is there, let me check my COMPUTER. Oh noooo! Your DOG IS DEAD.

Kasey:  that's ok I will get a new one.

Well it was funny and it also made me think: 1) Frodo is still on their minds 2) mmm what did we teach them getting a new dog so quickly 3) and I use to the computer to much.


Barb said...

Love it! I think that make-believe play is their way of processing and working through difficult situations.

Rachel said...

ACKKKKKKKK! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. oh that made me seriously chuckle! I agree with Barb .. certainly is a sign that they are working things out their own way! ;)