Friday, April 8, 2011


Kasey cuddling Beau in a Dora trance

Joy.  I feel joyful today.  I was walking the dog with the girls to school, the sun was shining down on us, and I was laughing at Beau in full out wiener tilt running along side the kids.  This little guy is giving us a lot of joy, from morning cuddles, and evening snuggles, and games of TAGGLE (kay's tug of war game).  We have settled into a routine quite nicely.  We cuddle in the morning and then leave for school and the gym (under 2 hours)  and he seems to be handling our absence just fine.  We have crazy wiener games like TAGGLE and then eat our lunch.  Then we walk Kayleigh to school.  At first Beau would handle about 2 blocks each way running or walking.  Today he walked/ran the whole way to school (Kay likes to run to school).  He seems to love getting outside.  The afternoons is sleepy time for this tired out pup and often cuddle time for Kasey and I.  (I have let the routine chores slide this week a bit while we all get used to each other, well that's my excuse anyway).  Then we walk to Kay's school to get her.  Afternoons involve more play and then puppy naps.  Once Daddy gets home he goes crazy again.  He sleeps/cuddles most of the evening and he is great at night.  He gets up once to pee and that's it.  Sometimes having him around makes me feel like we have a new baby in the house.  I have to watch the kids like a hawk to make sure they don't leave things out where he can get them.  Yesterday afternoon while Beau was sleeping I was actually tiptoeing around the house not wanting to wake him! I still miss Frodo a lot.  I keep expecting to hear him at the door when I come in, or to feel him at my feet in bed at night.  Yesterday, while buying a new toy for Beau Kasey told the sales lady that her dog died and it tore my heart.  But the days are getting better and the hurt no so raw.  I think this little guy has helped us all a lot.  Thank-you Beau.


Rosa said...

Too sweet!

Rachel said...

that brought a lil tear to my eye hun! SNIFF! Can't wait to meet him IRL! :)