Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Kasey

It was Kasey's 3rd Birthday yesterday, ask how old she is and she says 4!  I wanted to make the morning special by making her pancakes but lets be honest I was too tired and lazy, so we drove to McD's and ordered pancakes to take home.  I served them on princess plates though :) In the afternoon the girls had a mini spa day at Goobers and had their nails, hair, and make up done.  They loved the special attention. For dinner we ordered pizza, opened some pressies, and ate the DORA cake that the girls and I made.  TRUST ME...scroll through to the end of all these pictures, because the cake is so worth it. LOL.


Laura said...

Soooo cute - Love the cake too!

Stay Funny said...

Look at that cake! WOW!
Beautiful pictures of birthday girl & big sister!