Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Foraging

The girls and I took advantage of the beautiful weather Friday and headed down to the boardwalk in Chapman Mills.  We walked along the river foraging for branches on the ground to use in making an Easter Tree.  Why buy branches at M's when you get them for free, get some exercise, and enjoy the signs of spring.  We had fun pulling apart cat tails (AKA Fairy Wands) and letting the wind blow the MAGIC fluff all over (insert not fun to remove from micro fleece running jacket).  The weinz enjoyed learning all about sticks, and how to chew and carry them.  Once home we put the branches in a vase and hung our Easter eggs from them.  Voila. Easter Egg Tree.
oops left the tags on :) LOL


Rosa said...

Perfect and yes, a great idea! The girls did an awesome job at decorating!

Laura said...

Great idea!!

You'll have to tell me where this boardwalk is... never heard of it!

Diva Loca said...

sooo pretty. i love it!

Rachel said...

VERY practical ... and I bet the girls had a blast! :)