Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self Esteem Issues at 2?

My littlest one Kasey has always been into all things pretty. Even at two she is already demonstrating the classic curly haired syndrome of wanting straight hair. It likely doesn't help that her older sister has long straight hair. Kasey is always trying to sneak a brush to brush out her curls and saying she wants long beautiful hair like her sister. May I also say that her older sister wants the curls and keeps brushing out Kasey's curls in an attempt to take them away from her. Yes at 2 and 4 years old the hair wars have begun.

But something else has been tugging on my heart strings and it happened on the cruise. We were getting ready to leave our room and Kasey was lagging behind in front of a floor length mirror. She pointed at her birth mark on her cheek and asked what it was. We told her it was a birth mark and that it was beautiful. Kasey told us she didn't like it and wanted it taken off. That one little sentence tugged at my heart. She is two and already not liking something about herself. I hardly notice the mark anymore, its as much a part of her as her eyes and I think its beautiful. Like Cindy Crawford's mole on her cheek. Well yesterday I found Kasey in front of the mirror again starring at it with this sad look in her eyes. I came up to her and kissed it and told her how it was a beauty mark. We talked for a bit about it and sure enough her older sister then started to whine about how she wanted one! Never fails, you want what you do not have. But like magic now Kasey adores her mark, knowing her sister can't have it. LOL
I tucked Kasey into bed last night and kissed her beauty mark :)


HeatherFeather said...

i actually got shivers when I read handle it beautifully! (I am sure you were chuckling when Kaleigh helped things along but all of a sudden wanting won too!!!)

Rosa said...

Ahh Katie...that is definitely one that pulls at your heart strings. Funny i have never even noticed it cause you are so right, she is such a beautiful girl and a beautiful person, the beauty mark just adds to her uniqueness!

Nathalie said...

Morgane has had the same kind of issues that your dd has with her mole. She'll probably be going back and forth with this for a while. Morgane went through that phase too and she still sometimes says that she wants to have her mole removed after getting teased from boys at school. Most of the time she has embraced it as someting that distinguish her from the others and make her more "interesting" but sometimes it's hard too. A turning point over here to see that she had accepted the fact that she had a mole was when she started adding her mole on portraits that she was drawing of herself. :) Morgane is older than Kasey but we brought her to see a dermatologist to see what could be done, to give her a choice if she wanted to... But so far, she's decided that it's part of her charm and that it's staying there. :)

Stay Funny said...

Oufff same here, she is such a darling and beautiful girl and to have these struggles at such a young age ---ohhh la la - sending her a big hug and as Heather said hats to you for handeling it so well.

Rachel said...

And it starts! You handled it beautifully .. next time I see her, I am gonna ask her where I can get a beautiful beauty mark like hers ....?

LOVE YOU ... and my monkey! She is mine ... it's the curls ... LMAO