Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hopeful Hearts Everafter Chairty Event

The girls and I had a really fun afternoon at the Hopeful Hearts Everafter Charity Event (thank-you Laurie for pointing it out to us).  The girls dressed up in Princess dresses and had their hair done by hairdressing students, their nails painted, and faces painted.  They also had balloon animals, cookie decorating, crafts, story telling, and games.  My favorite part was the girls getting their hair done, as you know from my previous post this weekend, hair-do's are kind of a special treat.  When Kasey was finished she hogged the mirror and kept twirling around looking at herself, it was rather cute.  Even funnier was how quickly her hair came undone and she soon looked like a Princess that had been up too late partying (a little Lindsay Lohan LOL). 

They both sat so still while having their hair done, maybe this is the key to calming them down.
Cookie decorating, the sugar here may have contributed to Kasey's unraveled look later on :)
Getting their nails done, and yes Kasey chose HARLOT RED!
Kasey unraveling....


Stay Funny said...

Super sweet and what a fun day for them!

Rachel said...

BAHAHAHA .. OMG the unraveling .. that is TOO FUNNY! The faces she is making! And WOWSA .. see the curls in Kay's hair? She must of been SO HAPPY! Magical day enjoyed by all!