Monday, March 28, 2011

Telling the Truth

Today was a tough day for Kayleigh and one that really tore at my heart.  I was getting Kayleigh ready for school and noticed some little blocks in her backpack.  I asked her where she got the blocks and she told me that her teacher had handed them out to the kids.  I knew that she was lying and was able to eventually get her to tell me the truth, that she had taken them from her class.  I told her that we would put them in her note tote with a note saying that she had taken them and was sorry (she was going to sign her name).  She went hysterical once she realized that she had to tell her teacher that she had taken them.  She was crying and hyperventilating saying that she was scared.  I remember being her age and taking a paper clip from my kindergarten class.  The guilt over taking that paper clip ate away at me, so much that one day while out playing I heard a police siren and was convinced the police were coming for me.  I told my mom about it after that.  I tried to share my story with Kayleigh to show her that all kids do this, that we make mistakes and then say sorry and tell the truth.  She was still so upset and so scared.  I have to admit part of me wanted to just make it better, to take the easy route and tell her that she didn't have to tell her teacher.  I knew I wasn't going to get her out the door in the next 10 min to get to school without a big fight.  I was at a loss as to what to do.  I prayed for God to help me.  I called my mom (yes I still need my mom)  My mom told me that I should go with her to tell her teacher.   So I hung up the phone thinking that was the plan. I explained to Kayleigh that I would go with her.  She was still upset and getting more and more hysterical.  I know my daughter and if I tried to get her out of the house and to school she would have thrown up in the car she was that upset. At this point I thought the best thing to do was to keep her home, calm her down, and talk about it more.  I called my mom back because I needed reassurance that I was doing the right thing.  We had grandma tell Kayleigh that she loved her and was proud of her for telling the truth.  I told Kayleigh that I was proud of her for telling the truth, and that she made a mistake and learned her lesson.  When Daddy came home tonight she told him what happened with big tears in her eyes, and he too told her that he was proud of her for telling the truth.  We had a big talk, mostly led by Kayleigh about why the truth is so important at dinner.  Tonight while putting her to bed she said she was so sorry and wished she hadn't done it and was still scared about telling her teacher.  I told her that her teacher would be proud of her too.  I emailed her teacher earlier today to tell her what happened and I will take Kayleigh in tomorrow so she doesn't have to do it by herself.  I really really hope it goes ok. I have no doubt that once we are at the school gate and she tells her teacher all will be better.  I bet she will feel very relieved.  I am just worried that we will have another hysterical fit to get her there, then again she may just surprise me.  Today was the first of what is likely to be many tough lessons for both daughter and mother.  This parenting stuff is tough.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hopeful Hearts Everafter Chairty Event

The girls and I had a really fun afternoon at the Hopeful Hearts Everafter Charity Event (thank-you Laurie for pointing it out to us).  The girls dressed up in Princess dresses and had their hair done by hairdressing students, their nails painted, and faces painted.  They also had balloon animals, cookie decorating, crafts, story telling, and games.  My favorite part was the girls getting their hair done, as you know from my previous post this weekend, hair-do's are kind of a special treat.  When Kasey was finished she hogged the mirror and kept twirling around looking at herself, it was rather cute.  Even funnier was how quickly her hair came undone and she soon looked like a Princess that had been up too late partying (a little Lindsay Lohan LOL). 

They both sat so still while having their hair done, maybe this is the key to calming them down.
Cookie decorating, the sugar here may have contributed to Kasey's unraveled look later on :)
Getting their nails done, and yes Kasey chose HARLOT RED!
Kasey unraveling....

Sunday Scrappies

I am really enjoying playing with my new Pink Paislee (House of 3) scappy goodies.  I did one LO Friday night while enjoying a party for one (chick flick, diet coke and scrapbooking) and even snuck another out Sat morning while the kids played dress up.  I am hoping for some more scraptime this evening, wish me luck girls.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing Hair

The girls and I enjoyed a bike ride and some time in the park this afternoon, but it was very cold.  When we got home we just couldn't seem to warm up, even with bellies full of KD, so I poured the girls a hot bath.  Not wanting them to be cold with wet hair I decided to blow dry their hair.  Blowing drying was a special treat, if you know me, you know that hair dryer rarely gets used LOL.  It was so relaxing and fun to play with their hair.  I have to admit I was really curious to see how Kasey's curly hair would look.

Its KASEY!!!! When I showed her this picture she was convinced it was Kayleigh.  Kasey can't stop looking in the mirror, its so cute.  Its like Christmas for her, she's always saying she wants long straight hair like her older sister.  Good Lord I hope she doesn't expect me to blow dry it often LOL :)

Here's a few more cutie pics :)

Mad Hatter

I made a roadtrip to the scrapbox yesterday to pick up some goodies.  I spent my April budget and its not even April LOL.   But I just had to get my hands on the new Pink Paislee House of 3 papers.  They were perfect for our Alice and the Mad Hatter Tea Party pictures.  I cleaned of my scrap space last night, organized my new goodies and went to work.  Check out the paper pieced HAT I made the Mad Hatter :)
I also snapped this photo this morning because I couldn't resist sharing how cute this kid is in the morning.  Just look at that bed head hair, sweet cheeks, and the SOCKS...Kay is crazy about her socks!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doodlebug Challenge

Playing along with Rachel and gave my hand at scraplifting one her LO's (my LO is above). Weee (below) is one of my favorite LO's.  It is so fun, and free and scrap by the seat of your pants. So I went my version of this LO :) Fun fun fun :)

A Heidi Inspired Mini Album

I love how generous Heidi Swapp is in sharing with us her ideas and instructions on how to make really cute handmade journals.  I have been watching her Wednesday night webshow religiously for over a year and have tried my hand at a number of her album ideas.  This past week I put together my version (ie. not nearly as well crafted LOL) of her latest mini album style.  In the album I have placed some of our cruise memories and now the album sits in the kitchen for the kids to play with. On a side note, the girls really do love looking through all the mini albums.  You would think they would be fascinated with the buttons and flowers and all things pretty but no its the pictures they love :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Cutie Blog Challenge #2

My crazy spirited friend Rachel is on the DT at the Hello Cutie Challenge blog. This challenge was based on the following photo and you have free rein to use it as inspiration in creating something.

Rachel's creation was a very elegant LO, with stunning hand cutting and a touch of whimsy in the butterflies.  I love it Rachel!
Our friend Heather played along too, and quite honestly her idea to use the photo as a literal sketch for a LO was brilliant! 

Inspired by her literal use of the photo I tried my hand at a water color painting of the photo in my art journal.  Then I taped a pic of Kayleigh in it like a picture hung above the mantel and added some journaling.  This was super fun, I hope they do more photo challenges.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Signs of Spring

Today Kasey and I added some spring things to our seasonal table (a round table with compartments to display things).  I am looking forward to going on a nature walk once all the snow is gone to find some natural signs of spring to add to the table.  We also filled our Mini Album bowl up with spring and summer books.  The girls love looking through them, and it was really neat to see how much they have changed from just one year ago!  Snow snow go away and Mr. Sunshine please come out and play.  We are so ready for the warm weather over here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Scrappy Friday

Getting to play a little lately, scraping our cruise pictures :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self Esteem Issues at 2?

My littlest one Kasey has always been into all things pretty. Even at two she is already demonstrating the classic curly haired syndrome of wanting straight hair. It likely doesn't help that her older sister has long straight hair. Kasey is always trying to sneak a brush to brush out her curls and saying she wants long beautiful hair like her sister. May I also say that her older sister wants the curls and keeps brushing out Kasey's curls in an attempt to take them away from her. Yes at 2 and 4 years old the hair wars have begun.

But something else has been tugging on my heart strings and it happened on the cruise. We were getting ready to leave our room and Kasey was lagging behind in front of a floor length mirror. She pointed at her birth mark on her cheek and asked what it was. We told her it was a birth mark and that it was beautiful. Kasey told us she didn't like it and wanted it taken off. That one little sentence tugged at my heart. She is two and already not liking something about herself. I hardly notice the mark anymore, its as much a part of her as her eyes and I think its beautiful. Like Cindy Crawford's mole on her cheek. Well yesterday I found Kasey in front of the mirror again starring at it with this sad look in her eyes. I came up to her and kissed it and told her how it was a beauty mark. We talked for a bit about it and sure enough her older sister then started to whine about how she wanted one! Never fails, you want what you do not have. But like magic now Kasey adores her mark, knowing her sister can't have it. LOL
I tucked Kasey into bed last night and kissed her beauty mark :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Cuties Blog Challenge

My good friend Rachel is on the DT at Hello Cutie's challenge blog and I wanted to play along with their first challenge. The challenge was to create something with this color pallet.
Wouldn't you know I had pictures from the cruise with the kids in green, blue and pink...and the chipmunks are brown! HAHAHAH perfect :)

The LO is based on this LO on 2 peas.
Instead on the punched circles I placed the punched circles behind my core cardstock and sanded the circle shapes into the cardstock. Wouldn't you know the CS is brown and the core green :) perfect.