Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The secret is out I am a 'crock'

Its easy in blog land to make life sound all 'sunshine and rainbows'. You have met my 'perfect' children that I craft and have tea parties with? If you follow me on facebook you know that I like to cook a good homemade meal at the end of the day for my hard working hubby. My FB page is full of links to 'Martha-like' recipes and statuses that read 'this is for dinner' and 'my home smells delicious'. Why I bet you can just picture my well behaved children around the dinner table eating their vegetables without fuss.

Well this is not the case. (shocking isn't it?) I am here today to come clean. I am a 'crock'. More specifically I am a crock pot failure.

Disaster 1.
A few weeks ago I found this recipe. After a cup of morning coffee I loaded up my crock pot only to discover that I was out of chicken broth. Broth is broth right? So I used beef broth. Later that day instead of the delicious smell of chicken stew filling the house, my house smelled like barf. So I did what you do with barf and dumped the whole pot down the toilet.

Disaster 2.
The next morning I decided to try again, being the persistent and hardy housewife that I am. I even chose a recipe that I have made many times before with great results. I again loaded up the crock pot in the morning and went about my day. At 6 O'clock I lifted the lid and was met with the curious site of frozen chicken! I had forgotten to turn the pot on!

Disaster 3.
This past weekend I made this soup with hopes of filling my families bellies with healthy soup and fresh baked biscuits. Once again poor planning hit and I was out of Worcestershire sauce. I subsituted with some soya sauce thinking just how much difference could it make. At 6 O'clock I lifted the lid, it looked good, it was cooked...I took a taste. YUCK. Perhaps the recipe was just too healthy to taste good or Worcestershire sauce was very important after all. Not wanting to send the contents of another crock pot down the toilet I searched the pantry for that magical ingredient. I found some onion soup mix and thought why not. Ummm...hell no! The soup went from edible to down the toilet.

Its now Tuesday afternoon and you may ask, 'what's for dinner?' Why its this! My very favorite crock pot meal that always tastes good (well except for that time I tried it with chickpeas)....

Note: I am fully aware that my actions are wasteful and I do feel guilty especially after witnessing a poverty video this past weekend at church. I promise to eat what I make from now own, or to invite you for dinner and make you eat it.



Diva Loca said...

classic post!

your disclaimer is THE BEST!!!

Rachel said...


Doesn't get much more real than that darlin .. and I am with Laurie ... the disclaimer stole the post! LOL

Louise Dubord said...

You are too funny, I love you!

Natasha said...

Katie just priceless! All I can say is at least you are trying.

I laughed out loud reading the diclaimer.

Stay Funny said...

ohhhhhhh my, so it happens not only when I come over for dinner?
At lease you try to find a creative solution, not always tastful but at lease you try!