Thursday, February 3, 2011

My little crafter

Kayleigh AMAZES me constantly with her creativity! This picture is from this past Sunday. She was busy 'doing' something in secret and I wasn't allowed to look. All on her own she gathered these hearts we had done at a previous crafting session and using masking tape (an essential supply her in craft box) she made and hung up this banner for Valentine's Day. She was so proud of her self and so was I. May I just say that she is 4 :)
This morning she created her own new art technique. She used a glue stick to rub circles of glue on a piece of paper. Then she added marker to color the glue circles. The effect (texture) was really cool Seriously, I think I will try this in my own art journal.

OK now its my turn to share my scrappies :) This LO is done on Donna Downey Printed Canvas. I painted the photo matt area and also added some paint to the flowers. I also tried making one of the cute paper bows that Heidi Swapp has been displaying in her work of late. I love the bow and can see this becoming one of my fav new embellies. A simple LO with one of my favorite photos :) Thank-you Laura for the picture.



Diva Loca said...

that pic of Kay is PRICELESS - i love how proud she is
super cute banner FOR SURE...

you know what i just remembered??? i think the first time i met the girls was v-day - didn't i bring v-day treats? COOL!

Stay Funny said...

WOW! She is quite the mommy little artist. following your footprints for sure! Beautiful.

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