Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy (my kids are hopped on sugar) Valentine's Day

The tale of our Valentine's Day, started with me making heart pancakes for the kids. This was a big deal as it meant that I had to forgo my morning ritual of coffee and facebook upon rising.

It was worth it as the kids liked them. Ryan didn't get a heart he got the broken last pancake from the pan, such is marriage. I did make Ryan a sandwich for work which was quite romantic of me.

Just had to show another pic of this kid's crazy curly hair.
After breaky the girls got my lame attempt at being cool crafty mom ie. Valentine's treats stuck in 'fancy' white paper bags and doily stapled on it last minute :) The bags had some heart pencils, erasers, a note book, stickers, and a wee bit of candy. They love writing in notebooks so this was a hit.

****Was unable to document the following with pictures for fear for my life. From about 1pm-4pm my children turned into sugar crazed monsters, crying at the drop of a hat and generally miserable. I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that they were fed cupcakes and lollies at the gym this morning (yes the GYM of all places...grrrr). Of course I didn't help with the maple syrup on pancakes and the icing licking-thon during the cupcake making.****
I had to keep a keen eye on these icing lickers...Kayleigh is caught RED fingered here, and just look at Kasey sizing up the sugar.
Our beautiful cupcakes, yes, I have 12 anyone want a cupcake? Please come by and take them!
Dinner was homemade heart shaped pizza. Kasey and I made the dough together while Kay was in school. Ryan and I had a BBQ chicken pizza with left over chicken from the night before.

Had to get a pic of Kasey with her tongue out, while she ate her cupcake, her tongue was going like a windshield wiper cleaning off her face. She has circus skills that kid.
The bags the girls made at school to house their valentines in. They have been trading cards back and forth all day and fighting over the coveted princess ones.

A little more sugar before bed :) Sugar that may or may not have led Kayleigh to produce a Barbie show entitled 'Princess Potty Time'. I won't go into the details of that production.


Rosa said... sure went all out for I feel guilty with the store bought chocolate box :) oh, well, there's always next year or I can pretenc march 14 is the real valentines day and start working on it now!

Stay Funny said...

ohhh sweetness, looks like you had a fun filed day with the little ones! Happy your day was filed with hearts! See ya soon on the email side!

Mellisa said...

MMMMMMMMM. Look at you all Valentinesy. I was just about to type how much this makes me crave pancakes when Kevin yelled from upstairs "do we have pancake mix? for some reason I feel like pancake." just as I typed MMMMMMMMM. Mehtinks it's karma. :-)

fairyrocks said...

Love this story. You sure know how to keep it fun.
You aren't seriously putting the little one in the circus are you?
You know G-45 has a new paper out...just sayin'...
Keep smiling and creating. I so wanted to join your journal swap, but am just too overloaded right now.