Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

The kids and I set up a little Chinese New Year party for dinner. We went to T&T market and got some decorations and food. I was totally overwhelmed by all the food. I picked up dumplings thanks to Barb's suggestion and then Vietnamese Vermicelli dishes of all things because I knew I liked them. The noodles are long...for longevity right? LOL

The girls picked out these little girl and guy characters :) Kayleigh learned at school today that the color RED is lucky so she has been squealing and pointing at anything RED saying its lucky.
This is the table setting the girls made. I love the rocks :) They put Red Envelopes on each plate with little drawings/notes of luck in them.

This is our CENTERPIECE...its full of candy....yes candy...and the bottom is all FISH CANDY...YUCK...I didn't know that until I popped one in my mouth. Actually all the candy is gross. So we are going to take the towers apart, paint them and make jewelry boxes :) Yes crafting saves the day.

It was a very fun dinner :)


Diva Loca said...

oh my - your dinner looks SO FUN! love it.

and um Kay looks like a teenager - holy cow. her hair is so long!!!!

kasey looks like she's saying "what chu talkin' 'bout Willis???"

ha ha

may this year be FULL OF RED and all things lucky!!!

Stay Funny said...

super fun!
ohhh yes some Chinese candy is not the best.... but great tradition to have!

Rachel said...

I had a flash of the time you Steph, mel and I were at your house years ago and did a chinese night ... do you remember that? Steph took all those pics ... and then Ryan came home hammered, and was the funniest man in the world ..

Anyways .. a little walk down mem lane there .... I love that you celebrate ALL with the girls .. these are the things they are going to remember! :)


Helmut Lang said...

I can see here all photo. Every thing looking great. I am so excited for see more photo. She's looks like a teenager.

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