Friday, February 4, 2011

First Family Movie Night

One of the things I am absolutely loving now that the girls are older are the activities we are doing as a family. Fun things like skating on the canal and our upcoming Disney Cruise (had to sneak that in again). Tonight we are having our first Family Movie Night. We were supposed to go to movie night at Kayleigh's school but it was canceled and she was very upset. So we decided to host our own at home.
Kasey and I made pizza dough while Kayleigh was at school. Then right before Daddy got home the girls and I rolled out the dough and made the pizzas. Ryan AKA Daddy walked in the door and the girls were all over him with 'announcements' about the stuff they had made at school and their pizzas. We ate a fairly drama free dinner together, in other words there was minimal yelling at them to stay in their seats and bribery to eat all of their dinner.
After dinner, we blew up their Princess beds, made popcorn and hunkered down for the movie AIR BUDS.
I have to say that the anxieties of the week have disappeared, and I feel blessed and happy.
This is the important stuff.



HeatherFeather said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! You are going to have to share your pizza dough recipe, I have yet to do that with me boys. I love whomever invented the ready-beds. We have 3!!!They are perfect for sleepovers and special movie nights!! I really like your layout too!

Helmut Lang said...

Lovely family .. I am so happy to see that. I impressed by that. It sounds like a fun.. Thanks for sharing such a great photo.

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