Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A super quick share of some scrappies I did this past weekend with Rachel Friday night and some Saturday morning with the kids playing 'crop'. I am busy packing for our Disney Cruise. We leave Friday and I don't know how I am going to make it, I want to GO NOW! We have house guests while we are away, my sister and my parents so I am trying to clean up a little too. Wish me luck counting down the minutes.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A wee bit scrappy

I made this sweet little book after seeing Tim Holtz post this tutorial. Its the perfect little place for some sweet pics of the kids and took me less than an hour to make start to finish. Its very basic inside mostly just pics.

I also found some time to do a LO on Saturday. Its been awhile since I have 'scrapped' I have been busy writing, art journalling, and working on the brave girls class. Looking forward to some scrap time this Friday with Rach and next week at A Gym Tale. Like A Gym Tale on Facebook and check out their events page for Thursday night scrapping once a month.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy (my kids are hopped on sugar) Valentine's Day

The tale of our Valentine's Day, started with me making heart pancakes for the kids. This was a big deal as it meant that I had to forgo my morning ritual of coffee and facebook upon rising.

It was worth it as the kids liked them. Ryan didn't get a heart he got the broken last pancake from the pan, such is marriage. I did make Ryan a sandwich for work which was quite romantic of me.

Just had to show another pic of this kid's crazy curly hair.
After breaky the girls got my lame attempt at being cool crafty mom ie. Valentine's treats stuck in 'fancy' white paper bags and doily stapled on it last minute :) The bags had some heart pencils, erasers, a note book, stickers, and a wee bit of candy. They love writing in notebooks so this was a hit.

****Was unable to document the following with pictures for fear for my life. From about 1pm-4pm my children turned into sugar crazed monsters, crying at the drop of a hat and generally miserable. I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that they were fed cupcakes and lollies at the gym this morning (yes the GYM of all places...grrrr). Of course I didn't help with the maple syrup on pancakes and the icing licking-thon during the cupcake making.****
I had to keep a keen eye on these icing lickers...Kayleigh is caught RED fingered here, and just look at Kasey sizing up the sugar.
Our beautiful cupcakes, yes, I have 12 anyone want a cupcake? Please come by and take them!
Dinner was homemade heart shaped pizza. Kasey and I made the dough together while Kay was in school. Ryan and I had a BBQ chicken pizza with left over chicken from the night before.

Had to get a pic of Kasey with her tongue out, while she ate her cupcake, her tongue was going like a windshield wiper cleaning off her face. She has circus skills that kid.
The bags the girls made at school to house their valentines in. They have been trading cards back and forth all day and fighting over the coveted princess ones.

A little more sugar before bed :) Sugar that may or may not have led Kayleigh to produce a Barbie show entitled 'Princess Potty Time'. I won't go into the details of that production.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The secret is out I am a 'crock'

Its easy in blog land to make life sound all 'sunshine and rainbows'. You have met my 'perfect' children that I craft and have tea parties with? If you follow me on facebook you know that I like to cook a good homemade meal at the end of the day for my hard working hubby. My FB page is full of links to 'Martha-like' recipes and statuses that read 'this is for dinner' and 'my home smells delicious'. Why I bet you can just picture my well behaved children around the dinner table eating their vegetables without fuss.

Well this is not the case. (shocking isn't it?) I am here today to come clean. I am a 'crock'. More specifically I am a crock pot failure.

Disaster 1.
A few weeks ago I found this recipe. After a cup of morning coffee I loaded up my crock pot only to discover that I was out of chicken broth. Broth is broth right? So I used beef broth. Later that day instead of the delicious smell of chicken stew filling the house, my house smelled like barf. So I did what you do with barf and dumped the whole pot down the toilet.

Disaster 2.
The next morning I decided to try again, being the persistent and hardy housewife that I am. I even chose a recipe that I have made many times before with great results. I again loaded up the crock pot in the morning and went about my day. At 6 O'clock I lifted the lid and was met with the curious site of frozen chicken! I had forgotten to turn the pot on!

Disaster 3.
This past weekend I made this soup with hopes of filling my families bellies with healthy soup and fresh baked biscuits. Once again poor planning hit and I was out of Worcestershire sauce. I subsituted with some soya sauce thinking just how much difference could it make. At 6 O'clock I lifted the lid, it looked good, it was cooked...I took a taste. YUCK. Perhaps the recipe was just too healthy to taste good or Worcestershire sauce was very important after all. Not wanting to send the contents of another crock pot down the toilet I searched the pantry for that magical ingredient. I found some onion soup mix and thought why not. Ummm...hell no! The soup went from edible to down the toilet.

Its now Tuesday afternoon and you may ask, 'what's for dinner?' Why its this! My very favorite crock pot meal that always tastes good (well except for that time I tried it with chickpeas)....

Note: I am fully aware that my actions are wasteful and I do feel guilty especially after witnessing a poverty video this past weekend at church. I promise to eat what I make from now own, or to invite you for dinner and make you eat it.


Monday, February 7, 2011

I think God knew I was coming

Last week was a bit of a rough one for me. Anxiety which has been absent for such a long time now, started to creep back in. I have taken anti-anxiety drugs all my life it seems with the exception of the last 4-5 months. This past week had me seriously thinking of opening up the medicine cabinet door and popping a happy blue and white pill. I didn't though, and I am determined to fight this anxiety without drugs. Near the end of the week I started to feel that familiar 'tug' and I felt God pointing me in certain directions. I prayed to God and asked him to help me get to church on Sunday. Now going to church on Sunday meant missing a workout so you can imagine that this was a bit of a conflict for me. Sunday morning came and I made it to church. In fact, it had been such a long time since I had gone that the church had moved! LOL.

I settled into my seat by myself and felt a little lonely. I looked around at all the families and couples and wished that mine was with me but that is a story for another day. I didn't feel alone for very long, soon people were coming to say hi and shaking my hand. Once the music started I could start to feel that familiar warmth and the tears started to spring forth.

The sermon that day (this is what I took from it) was on being born again, and receiving the gift of Jesus' salvation. Born again meaning a spiritual birth and trusting in Jesus's gift. The pastor talked about the Kingdom of God, which I had always thought of as heaven. But he explained it as the overwhelming transforming power of God. To experience the Kingdom of God we need to accept Jesus to trust Jesus with our life. I have felt that overwhelming transforming power of God and I had been missing it for sometime. I came that day to reunite myself with that Kingdom.

Something else the pastor said stuck with me, "We don't have to be judged, Jesus was judged for us and we have to believe in what He did for us." Part of my anxiety this past week has come from the feeling of being judged, in particular judging myself. Hearing those words helped me to let the judgment go.

The words spoken that day spoke to my soul and re-ignited the flame in my heart. It was if God knew I was coming and he was speaking to me. "Katie I am here, I have always been here, just trust in me, I will lead the way."

I feel like I have come home and I am so very excited to be here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Have you seen this! I have goosebumps I am so inspired! (Thank-you Closet Artist)

and really do you need to buy a 'smash' journal?


Friday, February 4, 2011

First Family Movie Night

One of the things I am absolutely loving now that the girls are older are the activities we are doing as a family. Fun things like skating on the canal and our upcoming Disney Cruise (had to sneak that in again). Tonight we are having our first Family Movie Night. We were supposed to go to movie night at Kayleigh's school but it was canceled and she was very upset. So we decided to host our own at home.
Kasey and I made pizza dough while Kayleigh was at school. Then right before Daddy got home the girls and I rolled out the dough and made the pizzas. Ryan AKA Daddy walked in the door and the girls were all over him with 'announcements' about the stuff they had made at school and their pizzas. We ate a fairly drama free dinner together, in other words there was minimal yelling at them to stay in their seats and bribery to eat all of their dinner.
After dinner, we blew up their Princess beds, made popcorn and hunkered down for the movie AIR BUDS.
I have to say that the anxieties of the week have disappeared, and I feel blessed and happy.
This is the important stuff.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

The kids and I set up a little Chinese New Year party for dinner. We went to T&T market and got some decorations and food. I was totally overwhelmed by all the food. I picked up dumplings thanks to Barb's suggestion and then Vietnamese Vermicelli dishes of all things because I knew I liked them. The noodles are long...for longevity right? LOL

The girls picked out these little girl and guy characters :) Kayleigh learned at school today that the color RED is lucky so she has been squealing and pointing at anything RED saying its lucky.
This is the table setting the girls made. I love the rocks :) They put Red Envelopes on each plate with little drawings/notes of luck in them.

This is our CENTERPIECE...its full of candy....yes candy...and the bottom is all FISH CANDY...YUCK...I didn't know that until I popped one in my mouth. Actually all the candy is gross. So we are going to take the towers apart, paint them and make jewelry boxes :) Yes crafting saves the day.

It was a very fun dinner :)

My little crafter

Kayleigh AMAZES me constantly with her creativity! This picture is from this past Sunday. She was busy 'doing' something in secret and I wasn't allowed to look. All on her own she gathered these hearts we had done at a previous crafting session and using masking tape (an essential supply her in craft box) she made and hung up this banner for Valentine's Day. She was so proud of her self and so was I. May I just say that she is 4 :)
This morning she created her own new art technique. She used a glue stick to rub circles of glue on a piece of paper. Then she added marker to color the glue circles. The effect (texture) was really cool Seriously, I think I will try this in my own art journal.

OK now its my turn to share my scrappies :) This LO is done on Donna Downey Printed Canvas. I painted the photo matt area and also added some paint to the flowers. I also tried making one of the cute paper bows that Heidi Swapp has been displaying in her work of late. I love the bow and can see this becoming one of my fav new embellies. A simple LO with one of my favorite photos :) Thank-you Laura for the picture.