Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sketchbook Project: update

Yeah looks like we have a little bit of interest! I will give everyone till Wednesday next week to sign up. Please email me at harkinsk at rogers dot com with your mailing address. Thursday next week I will send out an email to all playing with the mailing order. You will mail your sketchbook out to the person after your name. When you get one in the mail, you will create something in it and pass it on no longer than one week later to the person on the list after you. You will always be mailing to the same person. The size of this project should easily fit in a small bubble mailer, so mailing should be easy peasy.

I have had a couple sneaky friends ask if they can mass produce their art and glue it in...won't name any names....LOL

But I do want to say this. I think much of the magic of this project will come from creating something new in each will be inspired with each book you receive by what you find in it, by what is going on that week, by so many things. The idea of this project is to BE FREE.

So take off your bra, let your hair loose, pass some gas, and lets MAKE FART! Oh I mean ART!




Mellisa said...

haha. youre funny.

HeatherFeather said...

Here it know what I am talking about, right??? lol


Rosa said...


Rosa said...
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