Monday, January 24, 2011

riding the creative wave

I made this little mixed media canvas, to represent the HOUSE for my soul. The painting is based on the 'stuff' we have been talking about in the Brave Girls class. Now I will have something to remind me of this journey each and every day.

I indulged in some scrapping this weekend, taking a break from the Brave Girls class. It felt really good to make some LO's again. I have been so immersed in the BG class, which I love but its also a little emotionally intense at times.

I made the coffee cup on this page, based on this sketch site Rachel pointed out to me. Looks like a really good scrap site! Check it out.



Diva Loca said...

ok katie - seriously - than canvas is BEYOND. holy crap i love it!!!!

if it wasn't so personal to your journey i'd be harassing you to raffle it off!!!

and the pig tails? TOO STINKIN' ADORABLE! love that layout.

Mellisa said...

oh how I wish I had some sort of skillz when it came to canvas. very nice.

HeatherFeather said...

wowsers!!! love the canvas!

mammy2one said...

beautiful canvas Katie.

I thought of taking that class but my soul is still battered and bruised and I think it'd be too intense...maybe next year.