Thursday, January 6, 2011

Packing up Christmas

I snapped a pic of the girls taking down the Christmas tree on Tuesday. Looks pretty pathetic doesn't it, where's all its sparkle and magic gone? The girls were pretty upset at first but then had fun doing the tree by themselves. I was pretty impressed other than the high up stuff the did all by themselves!

I wanted to share this picture of Kasey wearing a dress my mom made her for Christmas. I apologize for the crazy hair...she got a hold of a brush! Poor kid isn't allowed to BRUSH her hair because it ruins her curls so of course she always wants too :) I love this dress! It has such a Little House on the Prairie feel, and even has a glitter on it that stayed after washing. Wait till you see what she made Kayleigh....let me just say AMY BUTLER! Oh and Kasey forgot her matching purse, but there is one :)
Part of packing up Christmas was getting the rest of our Christmas pictures scrapped. My scrap desk is cleaned off and ready for the BRAVE GIRLS course next week.



Mellisa said...

great scrappies. i wish i would do a quarter of what you do.

Stay Funny said...

wow - loving! especially the family pic- it as a "Rock star je ne sais quoi" feel to it! (hope you can understand the french there... it's sometimes used in english.... Can't wait to see you tonight! xx

Rachel said...

OH .. Gingerbread House is my fave! Such whimsy colours ... gorgeous work babe .. although me thinks your best is yet to come! ;)