Friday, January 14, 2011

PA Day:fun

It's a PA day today and since Ryan has the car we are stuck in the house (I am not venturing out in the snow and cold without a warm car). So in an attempt to keep the kids busy I came up with a few fun things to do.
Tea party at lunch time, even their princess dolls had their own tea cups.
The kids thought it was fun to use a 'real' tea pot and tea cups :)
Peanut butter star sandwiches and Chocalate pudding with marshmallows were on the menu :)
We painted :) I taught them how to do a water color resits with crayon and we used salt too :) I got to sneak some work in my art journal.

The best thing we did today was make bread. I used this recipe from Emily. The girls made the bread into any old shape they wanted and it all baked well for the same amount of time despite all the different sizes. It has a slightly sweet taste and is DELICIOUS dipped in honey :)

After all that I started getting a bit happens. So I plunked them in the bath tub and that amused them for a good long bit. Now I am hoping for some snuggles and cuddles while we watch a movie :) Maybe some more of that bread for a snack :) At day inside kind of lends it self to carbs :)


Diva Loca said...

that looks like one perfect day if you ask me...they are going to be hoping for PD days ALL THE TIME!!!

love love loving their facial expressions. so cute.

fairyrocks said...

dAwe little girls and tea party's, one of my favorite things in the whole world!!!