Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word 2011: Engage

I am following along with Ali's 'one little word' and have picked the work ENGAGE. I want to focus this year on engaging with my children, putting down the laptop, turning off Facebook, closing my email, forgetting the obsessive tidying and engage with them. I want to be present in their lives. I don't want to regret missing these precious moments. I am not saying I am going to stop chatting with my friends on FB or blogging but I certainly don't need to be checking FB and my email all day long every 5 minutes. I want to spend quality time with my children not just set up the play dough but make something with them. The time I do spend online will be quality too, writing here on my blog and sharing 'the real stuff' with my blog friends and not just posting 'empty' pics of scrapbook pages (but there will still be lots of scrapping too). I look forward to getting to 'know' my girls better :)

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Mellisa said...

What a great word and the memories you make along the way will be even better than the ones you have. You should 'engage' them by making a 2012 OLW journal where each member of the family shares their favourite memory of the day together and write it down. It can even become traditional Squires supper table talk with a ritual documentation after supper. Just a thought .... because I dont have a family of my own to do this stuff with so I have to live vicariously through the families of others. lol

Kataroo said...

That's an awesome idea Mell...I can see Kay being into that :)

Rachel said...

Hey TURKEY .. you forgot me! LOL

AMAZING WORD! It will be an amazing journey no doubt .. I look forward to reading all about it!



Kataroo said...

hey can't blame me for forgetting not used to you blogging yet :) :) :)

Stay Funny said...

loving your word... have a beautiful year my friend xx