Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Favorite Marmie Making Yet!

My Mom has made a lot of beautiful clothing over the years for the girls and its hard to say what is my favorite. BUT....I really really love this one! She made it for Christmas, but we only got around to taking pictures today :( The jacket and skirt are a coral corduroy (LOVE) and the blouse and lining of the jacket are an AMY BUTLER FABRIC. She even made a matching purse (she put her princess lip gloss in it)! That just sent me over the edge :) How cute is my little career woman :) and YOU KNOW I CAN"T WAIT TO SCRAP THIS PIC!



Diva Loca said...

i was going to say she TOTALLY looks like she's ready for Wall Street.


such a pretty colour and ohhhhh Amy Butler!

Marmie you rock!!!

Mellisa said...

i need a marmie. lol

She is so grown up. crazy.

HeatherFeather said...

seriously, your marmie is soooo talented! That is an amazing looking suit with such a perfect purse accessory! I am almost - but not quite ;) - thinking that having a little girl would be fun!!! Wait Heather, give your head a shake!!! lol

Stay Funny said...

So so so adorable! WOW this one is beautiful and precious!!