Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Magic of Children

I have been trying to focus on ENGAGING with the kids more often, closing the lap top, putting the cleaning aside, and playing with them. I am amazed at what fun can be had. Instead of just letting them loose with the craft box while I surf the internet I have crafted with them and discovered my own inner child artist. We have invented games that involve marching around the house singing. One of my favorite's is playing crocodile, but Kasey tends to get scared that they are real, which is kind of funny. Yesterday, they wanted me to read a story. It was a simple request but I didn't want to. I had other things that I wanted to do. I looked at their little faces and said YES. We snuggled up in my bed, their heads resting on me and it was perfection. I would have really missed out on something wonderful if I had said no. So today when Kasey asked me to read her a story, I didn't hesitate. I am even trying to listen to their needs more. I know that sounds like a no brianer but I am realizing its much more than just feeding them. LOL. Like today I wanted to go to spin class in the morning and Kayleigh really didn't want to. She was feeling anxiety about going without her sister. Normally, I would have made her go, made her follow my schedule. Today, we stayed home and painted together and she was DELIGHTED. I will workout later today. I am learning that there is so much that can be taken for granted with these little ones and that they are MAGICAL.
Here's to magic :)


Diva Loca said...

i love everything about this post...what a gift to your girls...

if i lose my way be sure to remind me about this ok? :)

you are one awesome mama.

p.s. love that Kasey was brushing her hair...oh the curls!!!

Mellisa said...

i love everything about this post. it gave me warm fuzzies.

Stay Funny said...

so great!
happy that you took time to listen to what they wanted to do with their mama.

Barb said...

You're a great mamma... I love reading about your family life. <3