Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adding pages to all about me albums

I was able to get away this past Friday night to the Scrapbox to scrapbook with some good friends. It felt so good to be doing one of my favorite things with good people that make me laugh. I have to admit it got a little CRAZY :) You would think we had been sniffing the adhesive :) LOL

I added some pages to albums I have on the go both related to the last year and health.

This is a race bib album I made to keep our race bibs and document the races we have done. I added our Brita 10 km to it. You can see the rest of the album here.

I also finished up an album I made for 2010 about loosing weight, getting fit etc. I added a pic of me dressed up for Ryan's Gala to finish it up.

Here's the rest of the album :)

I am hoping to come up with another album to continue documenting this journey of health in. I am thinking that the start of next week's SOUL RESTORATION course with Brave Girls will help me with that. Thanks for looking :)


Mellisa said...

I love that you and Ryan are doing it together. I so wish I could get K on board alas ... I cant. Hopefully he'll do things on his own time. Love the bib album idea. I bet it fills up fast.

Diva Loca said...

so flippin cool - love your albums!!!

what an incredible way to celebrate your go girl!