Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Mini Christmas Album

I seem to have gotten back into the groove of scrapbooking, and am actually spending some of my evenings tucked away in the basement crafting in peace and quiet.  So much better then trying to squeeze it in with the kids playing (fighting, whining, and making a mess).  This little album is sitting on a shelf in the kitchen, the basket that holds mini's is full LOL.  PS. my Dec Daily is coming a long really well and remains one of my favorite Christmas Activities...can't wait to share it with you all.  Is anyone else doing a Dec Daily again this year?

an envelope to hold a cd

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Angels

A LO made with the beautiful pictures Paola took for us
My first LO made with the pictures we had done recently with Paola.  I see many a scrappy evening ahead of me with my Christmas tea.  In fact I am almost done a little mini of the know how I love my mini albums...little books of happiness tucked away through out the house waiting for a peak :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little mini for "Me"

I made a little mini album just for me, all shabby chic, and mixed media style..with words of inspiration and encouragement...a little place to sneak a peak and tell myself I CAN DO ANYTHING :) 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 1: Kids and Healthy Food

Green Salad the kids and I made afters school 
Thought I would do a little follow up to yesterday's post.  Here's a run down of the day:
  • Breakfast: was of the usual fair nothing special.  
  • Gym Snack,  I added a tupperware container filled with strawberries, raspberries and grapes along with some cow cheese.  Kay ate the fruit, Kasey did not.  
  • At lunch I made pinwheels wrap sandwiches with TURKEY (they never eat turkey, but presented nicely in a pinwheel they didn't even notice!), light shredded cheese, and ranch dressing all wrapped up in whole wheat wraps.  Bonus for getting them to eat turkey and also for using a new 'kind' of sandwich presentation.  At first Kasey pulled her I HATE IT routine just looking at it...I ignored her..let her whine..told her that she didn't have to eat it but there would be no computer time till she did...she whined some more...and eventually came around and ate the whole thing!  
  • After school snack:  The kids made a 'green salad' themselves...I let them chop grapes and apples with butter knifes on the chopping board and then we played a game together while they ate.   It made for a great afternoon activity.  (ok I will fess up we also added chocolate fishies to the salad LOL)
  • Dinner was a bit of a disaster.  I made a chicken curry dish that I love, its very sweet and mild and I even went for chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts thinking the kids would like that better (less dry).  Kay again ate it up no problem.  Kasey took one look at it and threw a huge fit.  She proceeded to YELL AND SCREAM for what seemed like forever.  We ignored her.  We told her she did't have to eat it, but there would be no dessert or helping in the fun dessert we planned to make.  We did our best to tune her out and we focused on Kayleigh who was being good and tried to talk to her about   school.  Kasey finally quieted down and I put her on my lap and tried to get her to eat.  She ate her cauliflower but went nuts with the chicken.  I gave up.  I got up from the table and Kay and I made our special dessert together.  We made a parfait with vanilla pudding we made ourselves and raspberries, and some cool whip.  Kasey yelled and cried about wanting to help and have some and I calmly explained she wasn't going to help because of the fit she threw.  I feel like I failed...yet I feel like we did our best...dinner's and many things our trying with our lovely little 3 year old right now...later on in the evening she was hungry and I gave her cut up apples and PB...she ate 2 bowls of them.  Then she asked for her 'ZERT' and I again explained why she couldn't have it.  I am going to try and make it easier on us all tomorrow night and pick something she won't turn her nose up to.  Hopefully, then I can give her some positive attention and show her what a nice dinner time looks like. 
  • kids are in bed and I am pooped and all I want is to eat the bag of choc chips in the freezer...sigh...

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Trying to get the kids to eat healthy....


    My goal this week is to really focus on getting the kids to eat a variety of healthy food and smile while doing it!  Our family has definitely fallen into a rut.  The kids eat the same old foods all the time, again and again.  A lot of the time its because its easy for me. We focus too much on dessert, eating our lunch/dinner to get a dessert.  We need help!

    So this is my plan to shake things up around here:

    •  I surfed the net last night looking for healthy kid friendly recipes and pinned them onto their own board on Pinterest. 
    • One problem we have in this house is snacking....when the kids are hungry they eat the same snacks again and yogurts, string cheese, cow cheese...why because its easy and they can get it themselves.  YEP LAZY MOM SYNDROME.  So my goal is to each day after school prepare a fun snack with the will be a fun thing we can do together, it will help them learn to eat different things, they already love helping me bake so they will get a kick out of this, and we will talk about the different foods and why they are good for us.  We will get some veggies and fruit in the mix with cool dips etc... 
    • I am going to get the kids to help with making dinner as much as I can...I have found in the past that when they are involved they are more likely to eat it.  
    • A few nights a week I will designate it kids choice night and will give them 3 options and they get to choose what we have for dinner. (all though I can see them not picking the same thing so maybe it will have to be Kayleigh night and then Kasey night)
    • PASTA!! we rarely eat pasta in this house...unless its KD for the kids.  I don't make it because its carb heavy and because of that I have kids that don't "know/like" things like spagetti, lasagna, and other pastas.  Pasta is the best food to HIDE VEGGIES into the sauce!  So we are going to start eating pasta.  The 'carb' conscious parents can have small portions with protein on the side and a big salad.  (lets be honest...Daddy is going to love having pasta back on the menu LOL) 
    • DESSERT....I want to have fun with dessert.  I want my kids to see that dessert can be something other than a 'big black cookie (aka OREO lol).  So I want to make with the kids things like fruit pizza, fondue's, trifles with fruit and pudding, cream cheese dips with fruit..etc.  I know we can't do this every night, but a few nights a week would be do able. 
    • MY BEST IDEA!!!!  We are list people in this house.  The kids have lists and charts.  We make lists of fun things to do.  We love lists!  So if the kids eat a meal that they like, they get to put in on the SPECIAL KID FOOD LIST!  and then when its there night to choose dinner they can pick from the list!  I know it sounds lame, but I think this idea is really going to help the kids get excited about food. 
    I know realistically we aren't going to be able to do all of these things 100% of the time.  But we can start to make some changes, and a real effort in this department.  I want to feel good about what my kids are eating, instead of guilty. I want them to learn to love a variety of food.  Most of all I want dinner time to be fun and relaxing, a time for us to share as a family.  I am so tired of the drama, and the fights over eating dinner.  Tonight Kasey worked herself up into such a fuss about dinner that she actually puked!  We can do better. I know we can.  As much as I can blame our dinner stresses on 3 year old behaviour, I know we can do more to help them.  I think I need a separate post just on the 3 year old behaviour!  So wish me luck and I will keep you posted with what works and what doesn't.  

    Crafty Christmas 2011

    Yesterday we put up our Christmas Tree and laid out our indoor decorations.  I love how cozy the house feels right now. I love opening up the boxes and unwrapping treasures, especially ones I had forgotten about.  Its so fun!  Among the treasures unwrapped were a number of little handmade things I have made over the last few years (last year part one and part two, and a canvas.  So I am finding myself inspired to add to the collection and to get my craft on.  So here are some ideas of things I think I will try to make.


    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Pictures to treasure

    This past weekend we had our family Christas Pictures taken with Paola Mateus, of Paola Mateus Photography.  Paola is super sweet, and having 3 kids of her own (2 are twin girls) she knows how to wrangle the kids! I am so happy with how these pictures turned out.  No not just happy...down right giddy!  I can't wait to add them to our photo displays on the wall, and too of course SCRAPBOOK THEM! I just happen to have the perfect patterned paper for these :)  Pictures make me very happy, little treasures capturing 'us' at this point in time.  Why the kids look almost angelic don't they? LOL 

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Most favorite Halloween Mini

    I have a basket of Halloween Mini albums that I have been making since Kay was born, and I have to say I think this one is my favorite.  I don't if it's because it contains pictures leading up to Halloween and the day itself, really capturing the 'holiday' for us. it because I got to make it in the peace and quiet on a Sunday afternoon while Ryan took the kids out mini putting?  mmmm....I think it may be the latter :)  Not to mention that I prepped the pages (gluing background papers on) while hanging with some of my girly scrappy friends on a friday night not so long ago.  This is definitely a feel good album :)

    The album is a My Minds Eye flocked album, I painted it with a black Glimmer Glam.   I used last years Hof3 Halloween collection, and this year's Echo Park Halloween Collection.  The skeleton hanging from the album, was found on the ground outside by Kasey and she wanted to keep it.  I then stole it and glittered it up with Martha Stewart ghostly green glitter :) 

    I added little pages of various sizes to the album so that I could fit all my pics in.   I like the mis matched, non uniform look to a mini album.