Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd: Letters to Santa

Today the girls worked on writing letters to Santa. Kayleigh told Santa that she loved him, and her family, and loved writing letters and singing songs. Kayleigh asked for a princess doll and an angel doll. Kasey said she wanted to play with Santa and wanted candy. Kasey through a fit while making her letter, and said she hated Santa. I took this video right after trying to get her to tell me what happened...of course she denies it! LOL
Its a long boring video...but I like it :) Cause I'm the Mommy :)



Diva Loca said...

that video is so darn adorable.
i love that Kasey twirls when answering your questions...what a kid!!!

love it.

HeatherFeather said...

Kasey reminds me of a little blonde cutie I know minus the curls!! I like your boring mom video....I have hundreds!!! and I watch them a lot!!! I love my babies.....

OMG - the word is "ingsh" kinda like the "english" kids speak with soothers in their mouths....we just got rid of Jason's when he had Hand, Foot and Mouth!!! Only good part about that