Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec First and Looking Back

Last night I got totally lost in looking back through old blog posts, specifically from around the time Kasey was born. It was so cool to 'walk back in time' and relive those moments. I love blogging for this very reason the most. Whether or not anyone else reads this stuff I know I can anytime I want. Now I just need to remember that site that I had been backing the blog up on and get back at it. I would hate to loose this stuff.
In going back yesterday I did notice that I used to post day to day life pictures and stories much more than I do now. I still capture them in my scrapbooking but not on the blog. As much as I love my scrapbook pages they are all the way in the basement in big heavy albums and its much easier to surf away here and take a look back . I am going to work on changing that. Starting now.
I took this picture yesterday. I carried Kasey in from the car yesterday asleep and laid her down on the couch. She stayed like this for a good hour or so.

I snapped this picture last night of Tristain. I guess she really like the glittery $7 wrapping paper Ryan bought :) LOL
Last night we wrapped up a Christmas Story Book and the girls Advent Calenders. You see when I was little an elf visited our house during the month of December and left us a little present and remember how cool I thought that was. So last year Ryan and I started the tradition of an elf visiting and leaving the girls a Christmas Book to read. This year we thought we would also wrap up the advent calenders. Now I had read about this cool concept ELF ON THE SHELF last year. I had every intention of finding an elf to do this but having gotten sick never got around to it. Ryan went to Wallmart last night to try and find one and had no luck. So maybe I will sneak it into our week next week the kids are young and you can spin any story :) Or maybe we will wait till next year.
Never the less ....LAUGHLIN Santa's 23rd Elf did leave the girls a not and gift last night and they were thrilled to open it this morning. Kayleigh even reused the gift wrap to make Santa a pressie which is good because did I mention Ryan paid $7 for it ? LOL


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