Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec 8th: Santa and Toy Mountain

The girls and I ventured out to Orleans today to drop my SNOW SUIT FUND CANVAS off to Marlene (thank-you Marlene) :) In order to bribe them into the long drive I told them we could go see Santa at the mall afterward. I don't have a picture of Santa to share because I didn't want to wait 2 hours to get the picture so they are mailing it to me. Kasey was very talkative, although I don't think Santa understood everything she said. Kayleigh was just kind of stunned and very quiet. After Santa, I took the girls to the toy store to each pick out a toy for another little girl. We took the toys to Toy Mountain and we talked about why we were doing it. Kayleigh sort of got it, and Kasey well I was just happy she didn't cry when she had to give up the Cinderella doll. The drive home was a nightmare, I made two wrong turns while yelling at them to stop yelling. Yep one of THOSE car rides.

These pictures are from making candy cane almond bark yesterday which I would really like to eat right now :) LOL


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Mellisa said...

i love the lessons in generosity, caring and kind heartedness you are giving. they will definitely be children of good character as they grow. Kudos to you, Mom