Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec 10 and 11th: Castles, Santa, and Ballet

A little Christmas catch up. This past Friday my Mom AKA Marmie arrived to spend the weekend with us. The girls has saved doing their Disney Princess Castle with her. Yes instead of nice classic gingerbread house they picked a Disney Castle....shocking really. But the colors do match our Christmas decor :) Ryan also made a delicious dinner for my Mom that night, a lemon, cranberry, and pistachio stuffed pork loin. I made scalloped potatoes (lipton ha!) and maple roasted brussel sprouts. It was DIVINE.

Look at that crazy hair! She got a hold of brush and brushed the curls out! GASP.
The toother....maybe a gumdrop tooth would work?
Beautiful isn't it :)
Saturday we headed to a Christmas Party Ryan's company was holding. The girls had a pizza lunch with Santa. Personally I kind of wished they had for gone Santa since he was not very authentic. Why risk them figuring out its not him. Luckily they were non the wiser.
The girls waiting for their turn to see Santa.

Two very lucky girls with pressies :)
Gingerbread decorating....yes more sugar...GREAT!

We had to skip the bowling part of the party to meet up with Grandma at CenterPoint Theater to see the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST BALLET! It was amazing, the principal dancer was incredible and so beautiful. The costumes were amazing a delight for the eyes. I have to admit though it was so weird not to hear any singing with Beauty and The Beast...I kept waiting for Belle to break out into song.
During the first act Kayleigh was pretty memorized and quiet. Kasey was also enthralled but she was a bit talkative. At one point she started whining about being hungry thankfully grandma had a snack in her purse. During the second act Kasey got very whiny and I had to whisk her out. By the time we got out theater doors she was crying so hard she barfed! She barfed all over her sleeve and it smelled and was really gross. I cleaned her up as best I could and we hung out in the hallway till she calmed down. Then we sneaked up to the balcony to catch the last 5 min.
So it now its Sunday morning and its freezing rain today, I guess a good day to cuddle up and do cuddly things. Like maybe mommy taking a nap?


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Diva Loca said...

ha - you can ignore the email i just answer is here!

ok first - MARMIE LOOK HAWT! yowza. she cleans up real nice!

too funny about Kasey (easy for me to say right?)...sounds awesome. you should have been the one to break out in song!

that gingerbread castle is THE BEST!!! love.

yeah for more incredible holiday memories...