Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 in pics :)

Thought I would share some of my favorite photos taken over Christmas, mostly for my Mom and Dad to enjoy :)

For Christmas the girls 'big' presents from Santa were blow up Princess beds that Ryan blew up and had set up under the tree, and Princess Dolls.

Kasey sat in the corner for a long time totally captivated by her doll house. I for one loved putting all the pieces together.

Kasey attached herself to one of Mateo's 'boy' cups and didn't let it leave her side.

Kasey not feeling well, and having just woken up from a nap (We later found out she had an ear infection poor girl)
My beautiful girl Kayleigh...this was the best picture I could get after threatening her to stand still for the camera...I think she looks like a moody model :)
I LOVE this pic, Ryan laughing at something and Kayleigh eating her hair as usual :)
Kayleigh doing some camera hogging poses :)

Kayleigh super happy to have FOOTY PJ's that fit her, her Christmas eve gift.
The girls tucked into bed at Aunt Shannon's Christmas Eve in their matching PJ's.
Kasey before her afternoon nap, looking much more lively.

Christmas morning Kasey sporting her princess necklace.

Ryan and the girls singing happy birthday to me on my birthday. I had the best birthday ever this year! Ryan got me the Brave Girl's Soul Restoration online course for my bday. Kayleigh took me to see TANGLED and paid for it with money that Daddy gave her. You should have seen how proud she was to have money in her purse and to pay like a big girl. Half way through the movie she turned to me and said "Mom I am so glad I did this, this is the best birthday ever!" INDEED it was.
We stopped on our way to TO that night in K-town (my old stopping ground from uni days) and had dinner. I pretended to go to the bathroom so the waitress could come over, and Kayleigh told her it was her Mommy's birthday and asked for a cake. She was such a grown up girl that day!

Oh and a couple crazy bubble blowing pics Christmas morning :)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Countdown

A little catch up on the last few days as we prepare for Christmas. I've said it before and I will say it again, its the days leading up to Christmas Day rich in preparation, tradition, and fun that make the Christmas Spirit Sing for me :)

Yesterday morning the girls and I made magic reindeer food for them to sprinkle outside in the snow Christmas Eve. I love this pic, the girls in the crazy pj's, Kayleigh and her mismatched socks, and both of them refusing to pose nicely for the camera.
We made Magic Reindeer food out of oatmeal, glitter (Kayleigh: mom how can they eat the glitter? Me: reindeer are magic so they can eat glitter but you can not!), cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The girls smelled all the spices as they added them, I was waiting for someone to take to big a sniff :) LOL
We also made glitter playdough, by adding glitter to a playdough recipe. This picture is of a ginger bread castle Kayleigh made.
Me last Saturday, before heading out to Ryan's Christmas party, sporting the Christmas Magic of SPANX!
Ryan and I :) Awesome night, I loved dressing up and having an adult dinner, and adult company! Didn't like going to bed at 3:30am so much and really didn't like getting up at 10 to 6 Sunday morning :( But worth it for a great night out.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Concert

Yesterday was Kasey's first Christmas concert. She was so cute and excited. She kept saying HI MOM HI DAD HI KAYLEIGH.....I have a beautiful dress...my teachers are here...I am singing. She talked non-stop and was a total ham :) LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.


Christmas Scrappies

I had an awesome cozy day Sunday, scrapping while watching my favorite movie EVER AFTER with girls :)

I made these paper strip flowers myself...based on the girls papiere ones...why buy them when you can make them LOL...I even used their paper line :)

Thank-you Heather, for the scrappies as you can see I am using them all up :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 12th & 13th: Singing Christmas Tree and Lights

Sunday was a cozy day inside because of the freezing rain. Ryan and I ventured out once to stock up on food. We had a cheese fondue for lunch, I spent the afternoon scrapping and watching my all time fav movie EVER AFTER with the girls, and for dinner I made a creamy chicken dumpling soup. Then my Mom and I took Kayleigh to see the Gift of Christmas at Bethal Church. We decided to leave Kasey at home given her own 'performance' at the ballet the day before. The show was beautiful and I cried a few times :) Kayleigh fidgeted and colored throughout it...sigh.

Last night we continued on with one of my favorite Christmas Traditions that started when I was a kid. We drove around the neighborhood looking at lights. Kasey had a hot chocolate, and Kayleigh was denied because she didn't eat dinner. We even sang the WORLDS WORST SOUNDING CHRISTMAS CAROLS EVER! LOL Needless to say WE will not be adding caroling to our list of Christmas activities.
The girls with our little reindeer before heading out.
Our lights...a little pathetic but at least we tried LOL.

And this is how it ended :) LOL