Friday, November 12, 2010

This little home...Thankful.

This picture sums up a lot. This wall in our HOME. These pictures of our FAMILY, taken by people we love.

Yesterday I cried a lot. Happy cried. Pretty cries.

Yesterday was remembrance day. We honored the day by spending the morning at HOME, slowing down, making pancakes, creating a play scape, being together, enjoying what we have been given. I wasn't planning on talking to Kayleigh about 'remembrance' do you explain that to a 4 year old. Later that day she came home from school with a poppy sticker and I asked if she knew why she was wearing it. She didn't and for some reason I sat down with her and put a remembrance day video on the computer for us to watch. I started crying while watching it and she asked me why? I explained to her WHY as best I could and she looked at me with these wiser than 4 years old eyes and said "Thank-you for telling me Mommy." (ps. later that night when I tried recount the story to Ryan at dinner she didn't remember what it was all about or was not interested any longer, kids.)

Then later that night as I was all cozied up in bed thinking of the day I had spent with the girls, I was completely overwhelmed with the feeling of being SAFE. and happy. and blessed. I laid there thinking how happy I am in our home. I am safe in our home. I love our family in this home. I love that we have food, and toys, and all of those things that make life 'easy, enjoyable, nice.' I love my hubby in this home.

The other day the girls told me that they LOVE THEIR FAMILY.

We are so blessed. I am so thankful.

We have bad days...and moments..and I yell a lot. But it doesn't matter.

This does.

PS. I have a strong need right now to give back to help. A few weeks ago we put together a family budget (have to help this Mommy act like a stay at home, single income family LOL) Well, this weeks budget has room in it...and I want to do something for someone else with that. Somehow I think it has more meaning for me if comes from 'my home money' if that makes any sense. So tomorrow the girls and I are going to pick out toys for other kids for Toy Mountain, and I am going to try and explain WHY to them.

PPS. You have to read this...its soul food.



Diva Loca said...

i heart you

Stay Funny said...

thank you for sharing this. love going back to you & enjoy your weekend!

Rosa said...

Very inspiring Katie...hoping to follow in your footsteps!

Barb said...

Katie, you're doing such a good job, raising sensitive, caring and compassionate girls. All this will pay off, my friend.

And for the record, we all yell from time to time. Some of us... erm, like me... raise our voices more often than we'd like to, but I say to you, if there's a parent out there who tells you they don't ever yell, then they're either deaf or lying. :P