Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Swapp Inspired Spooky Mini

I made this mini album out of cardboard :) The mini features House of 3's printable Halloween Kit and is inspired by Heidi's Ikea Folder Album featured on her web show.

Chandelier dangle (thanks Rach) and Mr. Bones hanging from the album.



Rachel said...

OMG IT'S PERFECT! :) So much detail without distracting form the pics .... I love your scrapping .. REALLY LOVE your Halloween scrapping! LOL

Have to get those pics from you so I can scrap em too!


Stay Funny said...

love love loveeeeeeeeeeee
it's beautiful!

can I get copies of the pictures too - pretty please!!!!

Have a fun afternoon!
love xx

Theresa & Keith said...

Wow! I am so super impressed...

Do you still have the pictures I sent to you on your computer to forward to Rachel and Stephanie? If not, just let me know.

What a great party!!! We have our costumes for next years party LOL