Monday, November 8, 2010

Race BIb Album

I made this album to document the 2 races Ryan and I ran in, The Army Run 5km, and the Rattle Me Bones 10km. On Dec 31st we will have two more bibs to add after the 10km Resolution Run. Who knows maybe next year we will have a pair of half marathon ones :) One can DREAM.

The cover is sticky back canvas on chipboard. I laid a piece of lace cut KI number paper on it and glimmer misted.

I hung the dog tags and medals we received off the side of the album.
The Army Run's Playlist in the library pocket.
I brushed a clear glimmer glaze over the bibs.
Our times on a tag.

Times on the tag, and a map of the course.

Rattle Me Bones Playlist.



Diva Loca said...

holy cow that is a WICKED COOL album baby - very very army chic! love it.

Mellisa said...

I am seriously and utterly bewildered as to how you create these things to damn fast. LOL love it. once gain .. inspired. I wish there was some way to capture the swimming like the running but there isnt so I'll just have to keep to stored in my heart. Ohhhh. fromage. lol

Anonymous said...

love it. the last page made me teary!


Stay Funny said...

What a great mini to treasure - good job and super creative!

Rachel said...

ACK ACK ACK! Nuff said!