Monday, November 15, 2010

Marmie Swing

Marmie (my mom) made this cuper cute swing dress for Kayleigh just at the tail end of summer. Unfortunately she didn't get a chance to wear it. So the other day when she came down with it on, I thought why not? I think its pretty cute :) Great dress for dancing.

And some scrappies eh? A LO about our snuggle time of the day and one about Kay's first missing tooth. I love getting these stories told on my LO's.



Mellisa said...

omg - its perfect. Im glad you let her wear it. what a cute outfit. I love the twirling pic.

Anonymous said...

wow Katie, your blog looks better then my xmas decorations lol! I love the dress and I especially love the 3rd photo with the dress in full swing :) I can't believe she has lost a front tooth, holy crap, Brayson still has both and has only lost the 2 bottom and he's 8!!! Love the layouts as well :)


Rosa said...

Love the new blog look! Very festive!

HeatherFeather said...

Look at your baby!!! She looks sooooo old in that first pic....very wise and grown up!! I love that outfit all together with the skinny jeans!! She is so styin'!

Karen's Violetbliss said...

Oh my gosh, great shots. I love the 3rd did you do that?

Rachel Tops said...

Looks fabo girl! :) My goodness .. did you realize you no longer have babies but little girls .. Sniff .. where did the time go girl?

R :)