Monday, November 8, 2010

Journaling the tough moments of motherhood

I have been struggling with my temper and not blowing up at Kayleigh. Its something I am working really hard on and thought it might be worthwhile to journal about it on a LO. Kayleigh is a WHINER and I tell you that whining really really gets on your nerves. So I started a button jar. She needs 4 buttons in her jar to be able to play on the computer. We also started a button jar for Mommy. She looses buttons for whining and I loose them for yelling. :) So far it working all right.

and of course a bunch of other random scrappy stuff :) :) :) because well that's how I roll :) LOL

A little mini card book thing :)


1 comment:

Rachel said...

HOLY SHIT! Man Katie .. you are on FIRE! GORGEOUS WORK!


PS ..I think it was really important to journal that ... she is going to look at that when she was older and confirm what we all know .. you're a great mommy!