Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Handmade love

I have been on a handmade crafty gifty run of late and wanted to share.

I LOVE this necklace it looks so much better in real life. Its dollar store beaded necklaces and a vintage brooch. Really it is and its so pretty. I like that you can take the brooch off and wear it with something else. This is for my sister Jamie :) shhhhhh
These flowers were made from a much loved jacket of mine that no linger fits! really how cool is that.
This one looks like a peppermint candy in real life and its an old shirt of Kay's I am making smaller ones with button centers for my nieces and kids.

This is a chain I bought at M's and some pink glass beads that I used hat pins (I think that's what they are called) to string them to the chain. Its really pretty too and for my sister :)

These are for my nieces a simple necklace of left over beads and some tulle :)


Stay Funny said...

gosh..... the first one for your sister is amazing! Love those pearls from the dollar store, got some in the past.
And the first roll flowers are breath taking with the blong center & feathers!
You rock!
Have a good one

Mellisa said...

Everything Steph said. WOWZA. love them. Especially the first rolled flowers and the chain necklace for your sister. Maybe we need to nix the movies and create! lol I'm making some jewellery for Xmas gifts too, I just need to get started already!

Rachel said...

Amazing job Katie .. I love that they are all handmade! I know your sister and nieces are gonna love them! :)